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First complained about 'no satellite signal being received' on 14th Sept 03 phone customer services several times at the waiting time was 77mins. (By the way there was no bad weather) Resumed picture via advice from Customer Services. 2 Days later the signal went again. Called customer services again and went through the same old rigmarole. Picture resumed and signal back to normal. Few days later same thing again, phone customer services again where there was another long waiting time and so followed the advice of previous phone calls and again resumed the picture and signal etc:

This went on through the rest of September and now on the 5th October signal has disappeared completely. Phone Sky who informed us that as we hadn't taken out an extended warranty after one year we would have to pay 65 for an engineer. I didn't know that the box was ours and that even if we cancelled our subscription we would have various free channels. Therefore it seems the box is our responsibility and without choosing to pay an additional 6 per month for the extended warranty we have to pay for the engineer. The Sky rep also told that as we have had this problem from 14th Sept (Our first complaint date) we may receive a credit but I would have to take that up with the technical department. I did, and she said that as our signal had only gone completely in last few days I would only get a credit for those few days as the previous times we must have resumed the picture ourselves. I argued the fact that the signal had been going all month and we had only recovered the
picture ourselves with the knowledge of previous Sky advice, as I cannot afford to keep phoning the Sky helpline on the every other day that the signal had been failing. She then agreed to give a credit for most of the month.

An engineer is due to come the end of this week and as the credit given is 31.87 we only need to pay 33.13. However my point is that aren't Sky being a little inconsistent? They have told me that the loss of viewing is my responsibility, as it seems an engineer is needed to fix my problem and I have to pay the charge as I own the box and didn't take out an extended warranty etc. All very well but they then totally contradict themselves and offer me a credit for loss of viewing for nearly a month! Where does the blame lie? With them or me? I also think that Sky can interfere with any customer's picture and then they either earn from the cost of the 0870 phone call or in this case from the charge of an engineer for anyone who hasn't got an extended warranty.

Don't get me wrong I am not and I won't be complaining about the credit but the whole situation doesn't seem to make sense. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
Emma Sullivan .. 8 October 2003