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The reference number on the card is 10XXXXXX.

I received the card on the 8 April asking me to call "Pat" which I did, the person that answered the phone at Oxford Servicing would not tell me who or what company they were until I gave them the reference number and my name. Which seems a very suspicious way to do business, but I gave them the reference number and my name. I was then told I owed them £73.97, on behalf of Sky Analogue. I said that I did not and told them to put it in writing.

I then received a letter on the 3 May quoting the following:-

"We write to give you formal notice that the above outstanding balance, which relates to your analogue account with Sky, has been transferred to Oxford (Servicing) Ltd.

If you are an existing Skydigital customer you must contact the following number immediately quoting your Skydigital account number or viewing card number to avoid any further correspondence regarding this matter"

The letter then when on to say that they had been instructed to collect this amount and would take whatever steps are necessary, including court action.

I called them again and spoke to “Lizzy” and told her I didn’t owe the money and to send an itemized account, she told me that it would cost £10. I told her I would not pay the £10 and if I had to keep contacting them I will start to charge them.

I looked up “Oxford Servicing” on the internet and came across the clik2complaints site, the website made for very interesting reading. I do wonder why I have had no correspondence from Sky in the past 6 years relating to this debt?

I look forward to hearing from you