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Mrs. M. Parkin

To whom-so-ever it may concern,

I would like to make an official complaint about the service being provided by B SKY B, and about the telephonists that deal with problems. We have been having problems with our box, dish, whatever, (as no-one seems to be able to agree on where the problem is coming from) for quite a few months now.

Until yesterday we assumed that the problems were only occurring with our system, as it turns out, there are a few people on our street who are, at the moment having exactly the same problems as us, and others who have been having similar problems to us for a few months. i.e: for some months some of us have had to ring to book any pay per views, as we keep getting a message saying insufficient credit.

As stated before, my husband and myself assumed we were the only people having problems. The situation now, is that 6 homes out of 9 that we've spoken to, are having difficulties receiving channels, the channels we are receiving are at a bare minimum. when we've tried to find out what the problem is, we're being told different things.

We ourselves were told the problem is probably the dishes and someone else has been told the problem is probably the boxes. The only thing anyone seems to be interested in, is getting 65 pounds out of each of us, rather than trying to find out why so many of us in such a small area have all been having the same problems for so long. Myself and my neighbours are all of the same opinion that B SKY B are at fault here. It's also quite unusual, that we for the most part, are out of warranty. I don't know about anyone else, but we weren't notified of our warranty running out.

The first we knew, was when we were ringing about problems, by which time, there was no warranty left and we were told we'd have to pay 75 pounds for a new one and before anyone could sort out the problem. speak for my household and my disgruntled neighbours when I say that how this whole matter is being treated is appalling and that the so called customer service is down and outright disgusting and almost non-existent. What is even more appalling, is the fact that we are paying monthly premiums for a package where we have been and are unable to benefit from, yet B SKY B are willing to still take our money.

I'm sure that I speak for everyone concerned when I say we would be most grateful if you could see about having these problems rectified quickly and efficiently by addressing the problems themselves and satisfying the customers, rather than being more interested in lining their pockets. We hope to hear from you in the VERY near future.

M. Parkin.