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REF: SKY & Oxford Servicing Ltd.  

"Well knock me over with a feather duster". It looks like the trend continues.This morning 18/01/03 I had the pleasure of receiving a green envelope with a Portsmouth postal mark on it.

Upon opening the envelope "Lo and behold" inside was a yellow piece of card with the same old correspondence from "Pat". Naturally being curious I phoned and quoted the ext number as stated, at this stage for security reasons I was asked to supply my name ,dob, and full postal address. I was then informed that I owed SKY the sum of £50.00 from 1997. When asking from what source they had received this information I was Informed that they had brought out all debts to SKY Analogue. Ok thats very nice for you but, where do I fit into this equasion ?? As I said before you owe £50.00. MMMmm I dont think so. But we have the information here from SKY themselves - including Bank details !! No way I think I will give SKY a ring.

At this point after asking for the name of Miss J for reference, she became very bolshie and started speaking in very loud tones telling me "That under no circumstances should I call SKY - they have instructed us that they will not be involved in any correspondence with any third party", THIRD PARTY!!, If I am being ACCUSED of owing money I want to know where and what proof if it really exists they have to back up this claim. And please dont give me any of this so called Evidence especially after six years, that has been generated from a Computer system because the output is only as good as the input.

I asked what the idea of sending out a piece of coloured card was, surely If they are a legitimate Ltd Company they have correctly headed paperwork for this type of work, only to be informed that they could send out what they wanted because the Company Registration number was on the card. MMmmm ok, I will see what my Solicitor has to say about this. Oh dont worry Mr Edwards you will have an official letter sent out to you was the reply before the phone went down.

Needless to say I then started some investigative work on the internet regarding Oxford (servicing) Ltd, PO Box 194, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1YT. what I found at Companies House seems to be a bit suspect to me at this moment in time because the address supplied is OXFORD (SERVICING) LIMITED,REGIS HOUSE 134 PERCIVAL ROAD,ENFIELD,MIDDLESEX EN1 1QU. And regards information on other Branches:There are no branches associated with this company!!,surely that is or should be a branch?. And why is the Postal mark from Portsmouth ?. Something is not right in my eyes.

I then proceeded to call again where I was greeted by a gent, before giving any information whatsoever I informed him, as I have to by law, that the conversation was being recorded on my telephone (Which by the way is non-existent) he then informed me that if that was the case the call would have to be terminated!! Why? a legitimate company with a legitimate claim should not be bothered by a trivial matter, which IF the recording device did exist would only serve as future reference for myself. If such a debt existed would it not be on the Bad Debtors list? I would think so after six years. Any how next port of call is my Solicitors followed by SKY, as this Company in my eyes isn't worth the piece of paper or should I say card that it is written on.

Any body else out there having the same problems please contact me gededwards@ntlworld.com because I for one will not bow down to companies that try and bully people in to paying bills that do not exist.I will update this correspondence as soon as I have received further information.

Ged Edwards
Stoke on Trent

update on 27 January 2003

Today 23/01/03 I received a letter from OSL, thanking me for contacting them (ha ha ha really is laughable), the letter informed me that the attached statement showed how our balance of £51.96 was made up.(What part of "I DONT OWE SKY ANYTHING AT ALL" do they not understand.)This so called statement consisted of a OSL letter headed sheet of paper with
five lines of typing on it !!! call this a statement - come on you can do better than this.

Furthermore if I send them a stamped self addressed envelope they will forward my complete history, I would prefer something more credible please.The letter ended by yours Sincerely OSL (handwritten) for Oxford Servicing Ltd (whats the matter can no one put their name to this pile of rubbish, or is it a case of they dare not!!) sorry it just is not good enough. Today I am
contacting OSL via e-mail Informing them that they have fourteen days to forward me some concrete evidence of this this so called debt to SKY,also I would like to know what information they have against and about me under the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 and if I do not receive such proof in the said time that, they stop harrassing me.If without such proof they continue to harrass me I will take action against them via the courts for defamation of character, and also claim for the stress that this has put on both myself and my wife. Come on every one send them a similar letter and insist that they make available to you all the information that they hold (REMEMBER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998) against and about you, furthermore you would like a proper statement of your so called account from SKY, not a OSL headed sheet of paper.

OSL is registered as being with this address:

and under the Data Protection Act below:
Notification Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Data Protection Register

Registration No Z4885686

when at Companies House it states there are no branches associated with this company therefore where does this BRANCH at Welwyn Garden City ,Herts come from ??

And why do we have Portsmouth postal marks ?

I will post updates as soon as possible.
Ged Edwards....

Update:e-mail to OSL corre@ocggroup.com

Reference : Letter dated 20/01/2003

I would like to inform you that under the Data Protection Act 1998 I demand
that you provide me with all details that you hold regarding myself and my
family members that reside with me.
Also I demand a copy of the total history of my accounts that you say have
been issued to you by Sky. Rather than a OSL headed sheet of paper. Which I
do not recognise as being from SKY.
I inform you now that I do not owe any monies to SKY, and do not take these
allegations lightly.
If I do not receive a satisfactory reply within fourteen days I will begin
legal action against yourselves.

Looking Forward to a favourable and quick reply

G Edwards