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Dear Sir

Re: SKY /OSL Ref: 548XXXXXX SKY ref: 103XXXXX

Further to your letters dated 12 October 2002 and 28 October 2002. demanding a payment of £38.98 for alleged outstanding monies from Sky I phoned your company on Thursday 31 October 2002 to explain that according to my records I do NOT owe any money to SKY.

I am a pensioner over 70 years old and in all my life I have never ever failed to clear any debts.

I told your very rude and arrogant representative who failed to give me his name that I do not owe any money. However he said that we have evidence to back this.

I asked him to send me details of this evidence. He said he will send this within the next 7 days. However, instead of any evidence I get a letter from Bltachfords solicitors demanding payment and threatening court action. I am a very patient man and I can understand that mistakes can be made.

So far I have treated this as a mistake on either your part or SKY. However, my patience is now lost. Therefore, Please do not send me anymore letters demands, threatening or otherwise.

You have NOT provided me with any details with regard to the payments. i.e. what month, which subscription package etc. Therefore I will advise you strongly NOT to send any more correspondence threatening or otherwise. As I have pointed out I DO NOT OWE ANY MONEY TO SKY.

I do not want to be contacted by you or your solicitor again. Should you wish to pursue this further then please go ahead, I will also be seeking legal advise on the matter and will be making counter claims against your company & SKY for undue stress and harassment.

Regards Mr. B. Ahmed
Cc: Clik2complaints.co.uk