27 May 2003

Dear clik2complaints

Can you please remove my complaint from your website. Everything I have stated is true and is not a lie. But on Friday 23/05/03 I received a letter from Punch Robson Solicitors acting on behalf of Render Alarms Ltd. They have threatened me with a claim for damages and cost etc, and also a claim for an injuction. This was not the response I aspected. I thank you for your help, I can atleast regard this letter as a reply to my second letter to which Render Alarms Ltd never replied to.

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The message I sent to you is true but I am concerned at Render Alarms actions. The letter from Punch Robson Solicitors arrived on Friday stating that I had until Tuesday 27/05/03, therefore not allowing me any time to obtain further legal advice.

I may come back to you in the future and thank you for your help.

Regards, Mohammed Hanif Hussain


On Mr Hussain's request, the details of the previous posting have been removed. However, you can still click on the links (on the right) to read the letters from Render Alarms .

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