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I purchased a laptop packard bell from Pc World in April 2002 and noticed it didn`t like to write or read cd`s so aged 3 months took it to shop...where they wrote a cd on it so I guessed it was me. I took it in for its health check aged 11 months again reporting the fault. I paid !1680.99 for it and the insurance,they again said it was OK.

Aged 13 months I needed to do a load of presentations on CD which I needed to send to Japan,Spain and France it refused to write or read a on July 2nd I took it back to the shop where they re-mastered it then sent it off to have a new dvd/cd writer fitted. It was returned to the shop 4 times by the repairer still not fixed.

I telephoned the repairer and they said it was waiting for a bezel being shipped by ship from a long way away.I was incensed by their incredible stupidity and took it as an insult to my intelligence! It was finally returned to me on 26th August 2003. I tested it and indeed it did write to CD,it was then returned to its leather case and put under the bed as a spare due to the fact I had spent a further 2290 on a new laptop in order to keep my business going.That too developed faults so I got it ready to take back to the shop and plugged the original one in...The original one said hard drive failure imminant. So I unplugged it and went to the shop with both.The second one was tested and sent away, the first was plugged in and the hard drive failed in the shop.

The staff in the shop have been incredibly polite and are mostly good people they assured me they would have it repaired.I absolutely refused to allow a repair and was given the name and address of the managing director Simon Turner. I wrote a letter outlining the facts dated 14th September 2003,by 21st September I still had not received a reply so I started a series of telephone calls 10 in all and listed each person I was able to get through to, I then wrote a new letter demanding a response within 4 days my letter dated 02/10/03 I have still had no response despite 4 more visits to the shop and reporting it all to the trading standards department. The shop have refunded the cost of the second computer and service plan back to my credit card. Which they did on Monday 07/10/03 despite the fact I paid interest on that since August 2003.I now want 1680.99 for the original laptop which I have been unable to use since 02nd JUly 2003 refunded to my credit card also.

Simon Turner`s Office are the most ignorant people refusing to speak to the customers or even respond to letters.

The shop in Bexhill on sea,is generally well presented and all the staff are extremely helpful.Not only have the head office let down all members of the shop but I will never buy another product from them again and would like to warn everyone about to not to buy the coverplan as it is clearly not worth the paper it is written on. I am now taking them to court.

I have a whole load of my unanswered communication on paper and indeed on cd too.So they will indeed end up paying not only my money back for goods unfit for the purpose but also all my expenses too. It seems the people in head office couldn`t care less. What a let down for the workers in the shop.
Mrs Margaret Hilton - St.Leonards on sea,East Sussex, 9 October 2003