reply to comments from "frustrated -customer abused- employee ... 14 May 2003

I just like to say
1: You may have worked for DSG but did you do any work?
2: I would insist on my money back even before purchase from DSG.
3: If you feel obliged to support DSG no other employee or shareholder does, so why do you?
4: If I found toast or any other object inside, I would blame DSG as it was highly proberly was the unskilled (skilled by who) workers in the first place. and also I thought DSG staff say "not me","never touched it honest","I never sold it to you, I was not here at the time I sold it to you..."

5: A Pegeot car did infact come of the French production line with such foreign objects. of which aleast Pegeot ammitted and sacked people. DSG just a normal day...

6: I thought PC Worlds' PC's didn't have engines, because they don't sell CPU's readly over the counter, at a computer shop.
others say the monitor nor included. DSG say the computer is not included, only the mouse is which is available seperatly at our extensive multi colour range of only white. availabilty every Thursday which the moon is in line with Taurus because our lorry comes from Thetford you know..., and what a nice colour is white..., would you chose the white with that or shall I wrap and take this white to the sales counter now for you...,

7: If you laugh a Time-Tiny, its hysterical you work at DSG. :) I Would not put that on your CV

8: I would rather wait for 10 weeks and pay more than get a no frill device with objects not upto the claim or advert and made so cheap and can be from production failure repo's, which keeps failing, or should I say it never failed because it never worked. I remember when DSG ordered a batch computer(s) for xmas which was beyond the order fulfilment so they bought/ordered production failures just to sell them and wait for them to come back in for the real working ones to be given to the customers after xmas. How nice and thoughtful...

9: I bet you can't say where is the actual registered office address, telephne number,
or full name of the registered Headoffice as it keeps changing in the small print. Which DSG is it?...

10: Why does DSG employee under 18's in their shops, and use them to be skilled in knowledge? Is it the lower pay? or is it skilled then training after?

If you want to know which retailer was mostly in the press then i suggest reading online at ASA or Trading Standards and see the complaints of DSG pile up.

DSG is infact not cheaper nor sell selected better equipment they don't even stand to their own 10% less commitment nor service levels.

Choice theirs no choice at DSG shops, just say to the salesperson, I don't no much about technology and have £1000 to waste, I would like to by some non-functioning equipment with 5 full years coverplan and late delevery and put in on my expensive DSG charge card (run by another part of sister company of DSG which is not related what so ever linked..) with extra chargable £1.50 per min if I like to speak to some one, chargeable before delevery of which DSG will change the item because it is out of stock and can't get them anymore so a high price to be paid for the replacement, and a delvery charge payable. "So madam that will be 3 Crown super high quailty new latest technology super flat black shaded mono6.8 nicam betamax tapes which so new that the these are the only ones made, with coverplan, delivery, chargecard, should be well fit your £1000 budget at £2500 sale to you if you pay at the counter before the clock in the shop which we don't have moves 60 seconds. or the everyday we have a sale price will just may have to alter again as technology is yes very volatile this time of year and we may not ever get these anymore as mrs Jones who is looking at the lasst one at this very momment may in fact buy the last one." , as she does, the salesmen says to the other staff wheel the new new latest replacement for that defucned junk this madam just bought. the madam states could you help me for one momment the salesperson replies "i m sorry but were are all now busy with other customers now, You have had to much of my time already I have to see to other customers now" and walks off...

Where do DSG staff get their equipment repaired then?... i dont think so... Where do DSG staff buy they goods from then?... i dont think so... Just a normal day then...

Ex DSG employee, Bedford... 23 June 2003