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FROM: Robert George of Northamptonshire
TO: PC World

22nd June 2002

Dear Sir or Madam

Coverplan reference XXXXXXX

I wish to make a complaint, as you are breach in your contract with myself. The part of your service agreement I am disputing is and I quote from section 2 of your agreement "And if we can't repair it we will replace it! -If we can't repair your product, or if it takes longer then six weeks, we will replace it with an identical or similar product etc…………….."

I have been having problems with my computer since April this year. The computer has been faulty since April and after four visits from engineers with parts the problem has not been properly rectified. Only during the last visit has the engineer has taken an interest and managed to locate the problem. He had no new parts due to a computer failure. During one of the visits one of the engineers negligently broke one of the front USB sockets on my computer whilst opening it. After visit number four it was arranged that the computer should be uplifted was collected on the 17th June 2002.

I have been told on the phone that there is a problem with the motherboard and that the motherboard for my pc that is just over 1.5 years old is not available no more which I find is a joke for a computer that I consider not to be that old although computer technology is vastly changing. No one from your repairers PC Service Call will write my computer off yet the problems has been happening since April, which is over 6 weeks. I have been told that the first visit does not count although I consider that the problem started then as the engineer wasn't really interested in looking at my machine although that I was advised by customer services that someone still should look at the machine.

In April this year the computer went off for no reason and would not boot or start upAfter leaving it off for a few hours the pc loaded in 16-colour mode. And would not reboot. So I rang up explained the problem. They did there and said an engineer would come out with some parts. I then reformatted the drive and all seemed to be ok. I then rang and said it seems to be ok. I was then advised that it would be ok for engineer to come out. I have had four visits and the machine was taken away on Monday.


I wish to inform you of the history of the visits that I have had since April.

Visit 1
I explained the problem told him what I did and explained that I had reformatted and all was ok. I told them that I was advised that the machine should be looked at. The engineer was not really interested in looking at the machine. Same problem happens again.

Visit 2

Engineer fits new CPU. No new heatsink or fan was fitted. I am told that the problem could be over heating. Same problems happen again

Visit 3
New CPU and Heat Sink and Fan fitted and the engineer negligently broke one of my USB Sockets at the front of the machine whilst he is opening it up. I am then told that the USB sockets are not in stock . same problem happens again.

Visit 4

Another engineer comes out explains he has no parts due to systems going down. But I explain to engineer what the problem. He then looks at the pc and it goes wrong. He plays with it and goes into 16-colour mode.
He then makes a call saying it's the motherboard and/or graphics card. He then arranges for pc to be uplifted on Monday. I was told that it would be the best thing to take the pc back to their workshop.

After making phone calls no one will write machine off and I am told about the motherboard yet again.
I am demanding that replace my computer or give me a refund for the base unit and your coverplan. I have been advised by Northamptonshire Trading standards to write this letter and to consider taking legal action.

I am giving you a week to either offer me a refund or to replace my computer otherwise I will have no choice but to take you to the small claims court for breach of contract.
Yours faithfully , Robert George