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Moben Kitchens

COMPLAINANT: Paul & Joanna Hartley


Chris Holmes, Area Manager, Moben Kitchens
Please find enclosed the list of issues we have concerning the kitchen works as discussed with Ms G (Homebase Showroom, Canley, Coventry) last Saturday. I have also sent a copy to Andrea Johnson in Customer Care, who is aware of some of these issues. Can you you please advise.
Regards...Paul Hartley

Fitting Issues

1. Sink: Sink is leaking underneath inside the cupboard, and from the rear somewhere Sink has not seen 'sealed' with sealant round the edge, therefore open to water ingress
Hot water feed is weak? Is this to do with the leak???? (Cold water feed is strong).

2. Tumble Dryer : Air vent is covered by the door when in use which means when it's in use the door must be left open....in which case it's not an integrated appliance! We spoke to NEFF directly who said that cutting a hole in the door might be the solution which is clearly unacceptable. Plinth on the integrated dryer is proposed to be stuck on with velcro?

No magnetic plate on the integrated dryer door, so it does not 'snap' shut

3. Fridge: Fridge light is not working / trigger mechanism is damaged
Fridge door catches on the side panel when fully opened

4. Cooker: Large sticky tape mark which needs removing

5. Dishwasher: Right hand side panel is loose. Also, space for the dishwasher appears to be too large for the appliance ie gap either side of it which is not covered by the integrated door, unlike the tumble dryer?

6. Doors & Drawers: Most doors do not hang properly ... do not align with each other / hang square / snap shut. Drawers do not hang properly...do not align with each other / hang square. Handles have been fixed inconsistently ie the height from the top of the door

7. Cupboards: Wine rack has been installed incorrectly...can't actually hold a bottle of wine. Hole Covers for screw-holes or shelf-support fixings have not been applied. Cupboard Door Stoppers not fitted correctly...hanging out

Electric boxes are fitted immediately inside the cupboards in a prominent front position thereby reducing amount of real useable space on bottom shelfs of those cupboards. Advised by the fitter that this is Moben policy.

8. Work surfaces: Where the sections of the work surfaces meet/have been routed, the joins do not match...have been filled.

Where the work surfaces meet the cooker, there is a gap either side, which is likely to be become a 'trap' for food debris. Should this be sealed?

9. Rubbish removal & cleaning up
We were advised by the fitter that a skip would be dropped off near the end of the fit, filled, and taken away the same day. This turned out to be a bloke/s and a van who selectively took away what they wanted including a radiator by mistake (not part of the kitchen refit) worth £80. On the final days fit there was rubbish piled in the garden and debris left inside which we had to clear up. Indeed everyday we had to do this. Is cleaning up after themselves not part of the installation process?

10. Installation time: To date this is now 8 days including today, 5 of which were without use of the kitchen. As a result, we have had to eat out for a week at a cost of approx £30-£40 per night for a family of 5 totalling £150 +. Furthermore, my wife has now had to take 7 days off work at a cost to us of approx £581.


Design / Advice Issues

11. Sub-contractors : - misleading sales advice
When asked if Moben used sub-contractors, we were advised that Moben didn't adopt a 'supply only' policy with their kitchens and only used there own 'team' of experienced installers.  All the installation contractors are 'subbies' ie fitter, plumber and electrician. Furthermore, the team was actually 'one man and his van'!

The result...we have a very expensive kitchen which has taken a long time to fit, is poorly fitted and is incomplete.

12. Cupboard under lighting : - misleading sales advice
When we enquired about lighting with the sales advisor, we are advised that we should speak directly to the fitter during the installation period if we wanted Cupboard Under Lighting. However the fitter advised that this could not be done as he cannot carry out additional work not specified by the designer, especially electrical works which require specialist installation.

The result...we have a very expensive kitchen which does not even have light with which to prepare food etc.

13. In-cupboard storage unit options : - no sales consultation,  no advice

Again, when we enquired about lighting, we are advised by the sales advisor that Moben did not offer any options, and that we should go to IKEA! During installation, i spoke with Customer Care regarding the tray space, and was advised that this should have come with a towel holder/rail which would be sent out (we have now received this). I then enquired if Moben provided other things like vegetable baskets and carousel racks etc only to be told to speak to Sales in Nottingham who said 'no we don't' and referred me to  my local kitchen shop! I then visited my local showroom where i first saw the kitchen. Ms G, the representative there, confirmed that these options were available and even had some on show. Ms G kindly spoke with Chris Holmes, Area Manager, regarding this (and the other issues) who suggested this may be the result of these items not being in stock!?... but would look into it and call me back. Heard nothing after 5 days despite a call to follow this up. I called Customer
Care who said 'we were probably told to go to Ikea because it would be cheaper'. I pointed out there was never a cost issue.

The result...we have a very expensive kitchen which does not even have basic space saving devices found in any other kitchen from much lower quality/cost kitchen design companies.

14. Tray Space : - misleading / poor sales advice

It was recommended that the best use of the space at the end of the row of units under the window was a Tray Space, which is essentially a unit without a door. It transpires that the size of this is the same as a small unit so therefore could have been specified as a cupboard with a door. I have raised this with Customer Care who referred me to Sales in Nottingham who didn't accept that we have been given poor design advise and said... 'not our problem'...it's on the drawing. If i wanted a door they were happy to sell me a unit for £270!!!

The result...we have a very expensive kitchen which has an untidy/unsightly hole as a result of poor design advice.

15. Colour of cupboard shells: -

... is different to the doors (excluding the wine rack and corner unit). Therefore the integrated, cohesive 'dark wood' look we are being sold, which is unique to Brazilia, is not achieved as you can see the obvious difference in colour with the light wood edges, particularly around the drawer unit. Fitter has advised that this is a normal response from clients with Brazilia kitchens, and is usually overcome by 'patching up' with same coloured trim which can be ordered!!! This he has been ordered.

The result...we have a very expensive kitchen which isn't integrated as it does not even have colour coded doors and units. can anyone please advise us of how the story will end?? I am refusing point blank to allow the fitter back into my home!!

First National will not be paid until this is resolved!
name : Joanna Harltey