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Dear Sir/Madam

I was looking for the Moben Website in order to find out who the MD was to write a Complaint and found your complaints page all about Moben Kitchens!!!

I feel so relieved that other people have had similar nightmares with that kitchen company as I have had.

We spent £7,000 on our kitchen and it was a disaster from the word go. We took out our old kitchen ourselves, so that the fitters had nothing but to fit the new kitchen. They did not arrive on the day and we had the kitchen delivered three days before the fitting date. We waited five days for the fitters to arrive and they took another week to fit the gas pipes for the new cooker.

I had no kitchen for 10 days with a sick one year old child and using a microwave from the dining room table.

Everything went wrong with the fitters - who were South African and did not turn up from one day to the next. Contacting Moben to sort it out was terribe. They did not return calls or sort anything out.

THe cooker was installed incorrectly and could have electrocuted us at any point. Cupboards were fitted at different heights and a whole section of kitchen was missed out.

WE had to have the kitchen re-fitted and parts are still missing.

I had three Area Managers in the space of a year - From 14th February 2002 to May 2003 and we are still awaiting Moben to contact us to see if all is finished and complete.

We paid for our kitchen up front and wished we had never set eyes on Moben Kitchens. We asked for a breakfast bar at one end of the kitchen, this is now just a small workspace with no room for a chair to sit at it.

We tried to contact the Conciliation service ont eh back of the contract, but to no avail. I would not recommend them to anybody.

Their customer services were rude, they ignored our pleas to get it all sorted. We rang them time after time, missed days of work, and suffered a lot of stress over this kitchen.. Something should be done about them!"!!!

Denise Horton

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