Submission by Mr Sharma
Date: 7 February 2002
Thanks to everyone who has put their views and experiences forward regards Moben. I was very close to going with them, primarily because of the price of what I believed is a quality kitchen. Knowing what I know now, I will be hunting elsewhere. If it means anything, you've saved another person going through what you people have already gone through. BTW, it is unbelievable the lack of actual design that the initial representative of the company does. He is simply a salesman maquerading as a desginer. He gave us no plans, cost breakdown etc....just a simple figure of £6,900.....which we wittled down to £5,500....after he spoke with his manager.....hmmmmm.
Mr. Sharma

Submission by Megan and Ambrose Boxwell
Date: 11 February 2002

Oh god, I wish we'd found this site before....we have tried for 2 weeks to contact moben kitchens to get the tiling removed the required week before installation, and despite 10 calls no one has replied to us, or taken us seriously, yet they want our money! the kitchen was delivered today, on time, the fitting should be next monday, but nothing has been done about the tiling...and we were told it had to be done a week before the fitting! Now im worried that they will use this as an excuse to delay the fitting..until when??? it is a faceless organisation.we have been bounced around as well.
Megan and Ambrose Boxwell BOTTOM OF PAGE

Submission by H Singh
Date: 18 February 2002
good to have found this web site, I was trying to find the moben web site on google as i wanted to buy a kitchen. After reading these complaints, i am not going to even bother going to their web site!
thanks once again!

Submission by Ronan Rowley
Date: 18 February 2002

I was not in the least suprised to see that this website existed. We spent £6000 on our kitchen back in Oct. It has taught us one clear lesson...never pay for a product until it is fully installed and you are happy with the finished product!! We have called Moben an unbelievable amount of times...the same old story of been transferred from department to department, a certain person will return your call. How can companies like this remain in business??
Most of our complaints with the finished product are relatively small and are easily rectifiable. It would cost them very little to sort out the problems.
In fact they went so far as to offer us a paltry £125 in recognition of the poor work they carried out!! We accepted this as a token jesture but on the condition that they would carry out the repairs that they were compensating us for!! Needless to say we never heard anymore about the compensation!
Here comes a brief summary of the problems: we ordered frosted glass for the small cabinets - we got clear glass as they told us at the time of installation that frosted glass was not an option; massive drafts all over the kitchen - which was the never the case beforehand; remanants of previous kitchen still awaiting disposal, cabines door on washing machine out of place becasue washing machione has not been properly installed; hot water tap starting to fall off!!
In summary, these people have clearly not fulfilled their contractual obligations!! BOTTOM OF PAGE
yours sincerely
Ronan Rowley

Submission by "One very unhappy Moben customer"
Date: 7 January 2002

I am just starting on the road to persue compensation for my recently installed Moben kitchen. The cost of the kitchen was over £6000 and deviated in so many ways from the plan I origionally paid my deposit, and subsequent balance on. It is so unprofessional to expect full payment before a job is complete, especially when the general standard of service is obviously so poor! BOTTOM OF PAGE

Submission by Helen Pryor-Smith
Date: 2 January 2002

Phew, seems I got off lightly. After receiving an absolutely appauling service from Moben in January last year it too a mere 6 months for them to compensate me for the far from professional service I had received from them. My trump card in the end was threatening to take legal action against them AND writing to my local Trading Standards Authority. In the end I must have written to them in excess of ten times. They originally tried to get rid of me with an insulting offer of 50 quid. In the end they coughed up to the tune of £400. Persistence pays. Knowing your rights can come too late so check out consumer laws which are there to protect you and which rule that firms expecting to you to fork out the full amount for a product before it has even been delivered. The best thing you can do about Moben though is warn anyone you can not to touch them with a barge pole. My finished kitchen is lovely I must say but was it worth all the hassle? I think not.
Helen Smith-Pryor

Submission by Steve
Date: 11 January 2002

Yeah - 1994 - we were there. It ended with a sales rep in our back garden refusing to leave without a cheque. What a disgusting company. Don't pay them; they're used to it.

Submission by "aj"
Date: 13 January 2002

It seems we have had a lucky escape. We had a Moben Rep round last week who "gave the game away" by being completely incompetant at his job. He obviously didn't have the first idea about designing kitchens and just wasn't interested in what we wanted out of a new kitchen. We had to correct him on several occasions regarding cupboard size/size of worktop etc as he had clearly got it wrong. BOTTOM OF PAGE
We have a fridge which is a very popular brand which he had never heard of.
I'm thankful, however, that he was not slick - otherwise we may have pursued it further. After being at our house for 2 hours, we gave him ten minutes notice and asked him to leave

Submission by Jenny Alhadad
Date: 14 January 2002

I am another unhappy customer of Moben who has cashed our deposit check even before the survey took place.I wonder how the OFT can allow a company to operate in such a way to collect full payment on delivery,and delay installations for as long as they wish.I have paid a deposit of 2835 pounds which I am told will lose almost 80%of,we did not sign off the survy report as we were not happy with the various restriction and lack of option/colours advised by the survyour.But we were told that if we cancel now we stand to loose 80% of our deposit.I am in contact with my local trading standard authority to see whether Moben can take from us 2268 pounds and provide us with nothing just because we cancelled one week after the saleslady got us to sign the initial agreement.i.e no cooling-off period??? deposit!!!!!
jenny alhaddad

Submission by APC
Date: 22 January 2002

I have also suffered at the hands of Moben, my kitchen cost in excess of £10K and 4 months on it is still not complete. In fact, one of their customer services (!) people rang me this morning and accused me of getting Moben to replace items damaged by my builder! I have also been told that compensation will not even be discussed until my kitchen is complete - even though I paid them up front for the goods. This seems like coercion for me to accept poor quality work in the hope that I will get some of my money back. I find their staff rude and unhelpful, I have sent at least 4 letters to their MD and have not even had 1 reply. Getting hold of their Customer Services Director is like trying to contact a member of MI5! My starting position for compensation has to be a full refund. I am self-employed and I have had to take time off work to deal with Moben's staggering incompetence. This seems to be a recurring pattern, can nothing be done to stop these people?

Submission by Pat Harper
Date: 22 January 2002

I sympathise, having also enjoyed the frustration, lack of communication, rudeness, inconvenience and total lack of customer service that is Moben Kitchen.Dreadful company - we need to spread the word so that no-one else has to put up with them. I had to get the kitchen finished myself in the end, as a list of issues was totally ignored,along with 6 other letters I had written during the course of the 18 days elapsed-time (promised; 3 days) that the installation took. The company policy is obviously not to talk to anyone direct no matter how often you write or call and leave messages. I kept back 10%, thank goodness, though they continue to chase me for it 3 months later.
Pat Harper

Submission by B R Jones
Date: 28 January 2002
I have just had a Kitchen fitted by moben,I am now waiting to hear from them regarding the installation.If the outcome of my complaint is not satisfactory you will get to hear about my moben experience .
Mr B R Jones

Submission by Marianne Williams
Date: 24 September 2001

I feel I have to write to you to complain of this kitchen company who seem to think its ok to take your money and run basically!
My sister has been having alterations done on her house and was so excited to actually go to this moben company and order her dream kitchen that she had been waiting for , for so long! she was over the moon when she took delivery of it on the 24th august . Thinkin she was going to have her dream come true sooner than she thought. Between then & now the 24th September they have cancelled seven installation dates, today they should have installed it but to no avail failed to turn up!!! she is at the end of her tether with this company cos their promises are fruitless & to top it all she has a family that are out all day and they have had to come home to cold dinners or a microwave meal! wot a great life they've got.I would just like to warn other consumers not to purchase kitchens from this company or its sister company kitchens direct.
thanks for listening