We first saw the sales rep on 2nd Feb 2002. Unfortunately he came without a tape measure - that was just the start!! His measurements were wrong as was the information on what the quotation price covered. We then had to have a surveyor out three times to redraw the kitchen which added a further £750 to the price. Also our original builders cost rose from £1,800 to £2,791 because of the changes.

The worst was though that we arranged for fitting on May 7th (two months after delivery and payment). This was the only date suitable for us as my husband works offshore in Aberdeen and can only get back on certain dates. On the Friday preceding this date we were phoned at 5pm to inform us that they would not be coming and could only fit a week later. This despite the fact that I had DOUBLE_CHECKED on the Thursday that all was on schedule as I had to inform my husband on the oil platform. My husband had arranged this time on leave well in advance and his remaining at home for a further week meant losing a large amount of salary and inconvenience to his employers as he could not return on the arranged date. Also we had relatives staying over the weekend and my son's 18th Birthday party, all of which had to be organised amidst the total chaos of an almost empty kitchen (as it had been emptied in anticipation of the fit on 7th May!!!).

The fitter phoned on the Friday preceding the Monday, to say he had to go the dentist and would be arriving at about 10.30. He eventually arrived at about 12noon after getting lost!!! The next day he had to buy the electrical fittings and would be in around 10am. He eventually arrived at nearly 1pm after a phone call from my husband. Wednesday and Thursday went fairly smoothly although the fitter never arrived before 10.30am although Moben had told me it would be 8.30 each day. On the Friday (kitchen still not nearly completed) he never turned up at all. When my husband phoned him at 11.45 he said he had had TWO flat tyres and would be there about 1pm. WHY DIDN'T HE PHONE US TO INFORM US???? I phoned Moben to complain, and as with all the other dissatisfied customers got nothing but surly replies from the Customer HELPline!! I was also told that it took two weeks for correspondence to be replied to.

We had been informed we would be entitled to compensation and to write in, which I did. I also wrote in and faxed a further three times to try and obtain a response - but NOTHING.

The kitchen is now almost finished except for a few details (which we of course wonder if they will ever be done without a fight and many phone calls) and we are exhausted and a lot poorer.

Everything the other complainants have said we can echo.

Something must be done. This method of paying in advance (two months with us) leaves the client with no come back at all and the public relations attitude from the switchboard operator who never says a word just presses a button and leaves you hanging on with no explanation until in desperation you phone back, to the customer help line who make you feel as if you are a total inconvenience, is a total farce.

Who can we get to help? What can be done. As somebody else said - WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!

Just to add insult to injury the fitter phoned me (after I had lost my temper with him about his non-arrival) and said he was very DISAPPOINTED with my attitude!!! He was disappointed - what did he think we were???

Sue Middleman 21 May 2002