I have just had a moben kitchen installed and find it only fair to point out a number of points.

The designer we had was helpful and practical. He made sure that we did not make aesthetic errors and went out of his was to ensure we were happy. He always had his mobile on and always was happy to talk to us about queries.

The work completed prior to fitting was timely and at the last minute they managed to change their timescales to suit a problem WE had with being available on the right day. When they found that there was more work than they thought, they just got on with it and didn't quibble. I was amazed, especially as at this point I had read the comments on this site.

Then the installation started, admitedly two hours late (!). There were terrible problems with the electrics in the kitchen which we did not forsee, but Moben ensured that the work was done to make the electrics safe AT NO EXTRA COST. The installation took two days more than expected because of that, and we were grateful for the constant attention and professionalism of the installer (Ed). He was on time every day working from 8 through to 6.

We have a kitchen now that has quality appliances and looks lovely. We are delighted and therefore, as we were orginally concerned by the content of this website, wanted to bring to everyones attention that there are good stories too. The comments from the MOBEN Designer are worth reading before you go somewhere else. I found the Southern Branch of Moben very good and would recommend them.

M Brake, Dorset...19 March 2002