Submission by Silk Tork
Date: 12 February 2002

I am a designer for Moben. The showroom girl has made some very innaccurate comments. Designers recieve a weeks residential training course at Manchester, of which only one day is spent on selling, plus ongoing training at the local branch. Some designers will add a margin of around £100 to cover errors, which is balanced by the fact that quite often designers will give some of their commission away in order to get the kitchen to match the customers budget. Adding money on to a deal does not increase the designers commission.

The quality of a Moben kitchen is very high - even your customers who complain admit that. A quick visit to a B&Q showroom followed by a visit to a Moben showroom will prove that even to those who are less than knowledgable about kitchens. Money up front? All the major kitchen companies ask for all the money up front - 10 days before delivery is the standard. Only the small, local company will allow you to keep 10% of the cost back until after fitting. It's your choice: pay £10,000 to a very public, reputable company, or £9,000 to the chap down the road who may go bankrupt before your kitchen is finished! If you are concerned, Moben is now part of Qualitas, an independent body who will look after your interests in case of a dispute. Or, you could pay for the kitchen on credit and secure the extra protection of the credit act.

After sales service? Moben will always sort out any problems you may have. Fitting a kitchen is a complex business dealing with water, waste, electrics and gas - no two kitchens are the same. Minor problems may occur, and customers should be aware of that. However, Moben always ensures that those problems are put right. It is true, however, that customer service at Manchester can sometimes be poor. Moben is a victim of its own success here, and has tried over the years various ways of improving customer service.
What irritates customers is a) the length of time they are kept waiting on the phone;
b) being passed from one department to the next; and
c) broken promises of when they will next be contacted.

It is the one weakness of which Moben is guilty - most complaints are dealt with speedily, but there are the occasional problems which drag on. I would suggest sending a letter rather than phoning, and then being patient.

The impatience often results from the speed with which everything else has been done - people have very high expectations of Moben: From showroom visit to completion of the job can take as little as four weeks - a small problem which then takes another three weeks to sort out can appear to be a long time, but if you'd ordered your kitchen elsewhere you may still be waiting another month or two for delivery, and the installation could take two weeks instead of 2 days!
It's your choice, but I have not come across a better kitchen company for quality, speed and price.
Silk Tork

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