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Right of Reply response from Dixons/Mastercare

10 April 2003

Dear Mr Bryant

I am responding to your email sent to clik2complaints. I am responding
directly to yourself, as due to the Data Protection Act, I am unable to disclose any
information regarding your Agreement to a third party.

I will attempt to clarify this matter for you. Our system shows the
following payments for you:

24.7.02 - Cheque Payment of £50.00
16.8.02 - Direct Debit of £8.90
16.9.02 - Direct Debit of £8.90
16.10.02 - Direct Debit of £8.90
26.11.02 - Direct Debit of £8.90
Rejected direct debit payment on 13.1.03 for £8.90
17.1.03 - Direct Debit payment of £8.90
12.3.03 - Payment of £35.60

This gives a total payments of £130.10, as the Agreement is £139.00, this
leaves an outstanding balance of £8.90.

The outstanding balance can be made by cheque or credit/debit card. I trust
this now clarifies the matter for you. Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest Regards

Sally D

10 April 2003

Dear Ms D

Many thanks for your response. No clarification needed!

As you will see from the bank statements I have already sent you, I did make
a payment for December.

Would you please confirm receipt of the full amount within 7 days. If I do
not hear from you I will be forced to take formal action.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Kindest regards

M Bryant

11 April 2003

Dear Mr Bryant,

Thank you for your email.

I have checked your Agreement and I can only reiterate the information that
you have already received from my colleague. There was a payment rejected on
13th January 2002. Although we have received a payment for £35.60 there is still an outstanding balance of £8.90.

I have also checked our database for your bank statements and I must advise you that we have not received these. I would be gateful if you could forward these again to the address below

PO Box 1686
S2 5YB

Alternatively you can fax them to us on fax number 0870 600XXXX.

Yours sincerely,

Clare D


11 April 2003

Thanks for your response. Sent cheque for £35.60, letter of complaint and
bank statements in the same envelope, so you have definitely received them.
Would be grateful if you could confirm this within the stated timescale.

Many thanks

M Bryant

14 April 2003

Dear Ms D,

Many thanks for your response.

Unfortunately these items were sent in February.

I am not prepared to accept that you have not received them as the
accompanying cheque was cashed on March 17th. I do not see either that I
can be held responsible for any delay in sorting the matter caused by, for
example, your internal communication between two different sites.

Can I therefore ask again that you close the matter by confirming that I
have paid all sums owing, or at least that you are prepared to believe me
for the time being! I am very unwilling to act formally over what may seem
a small amount of money. However I will do this unless I hear positively
from you.

Many thanks for your assistance.

M Bryant

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