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Letter of Complaint to MASTERCARE

7TH JULY 2002

Coverplan Claims
F.A.O Gary Perryment

Dear Mr Perryment,

Coverplan Ref: XXXXXX

I have been given your name by Tony on team 16 and told that you are the claims manager dealing with our claim. That being the case you must have all my previous correspondence at hand and know that I am not a happy customer.

On 1st July 2002 my wife phoned to enquire why we had not received a reply to my letter on 5th June returning my vouchers or indeed the letter of complaint sent 27th May. Tony on team 16 informed her that you are handling our claim and we should have a reply by the end of the week (we have received nothing). When my wife asked why it was taking so long he informed her that was due to the great volume of these kind of claims you had to deal with. It seems that my claim and complaint about your standard of service, both before and after my claim, is only one in a long list that have needed your personal attention.

Is this an indication of the quality of your service?

I do not believe that the insufficient and slow service my wife and I have had from mastercare and coverplan is an isolated incident.

My television was collected by mastercare on May 9th 2002 to be written off. When you made your first error with the vouchers we had already been without a TV for 2 weeks and without a TV working correctly (for a continuous period) since the beginning of April. It is only due to the fact that I was able to open a credit account at curry's that I now have a television to watch. If I were unfortunate enough not to have the option to do this I would have been without a TV for 2 months. I find it unbelievable that considering the amount of time this has been going on for and the magnitude of my complaints I have still not received any acknowledgement of my previous letters or phone calls. I believe that you are leaving me no option but to seek advice from an independent source on my situation and the quality of service you supply.

If you require any further information from me, or copies of my previous letters please contact my wife or I on the above number.

Richard Cole

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