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Letter of Complaint to MASTERCARE

6TH JUNE 2002

Coverplan Claims
F.A.O Joanne Martin
PO Box 53
Dixon Stores Group
Hemel Hempstead

Dear Ms Martin,

Coverplan Ref: XXXXXX

Please find enclosed the product replacement vouchers we have eventually received. We are returning these to you following a telephone conversation with Andrew in Team 1. As we explained to him we have had a terrible experience with your coverplan (please see copy of letter sent to customers services on 27th May) and the problems continue.

On Friday 24th May we had received £180 from you in error (this was supposedly for our VCR). I spoke to you (Joanne Team 2) about this and you told us the vouchers had to be sent back (see letter for full story) you suggested that we buy our TV on interest free until the vouchers come through. I said I was not happy to do this until I knew how much we would get for replacement, you then told me we would get back at least the amount we originally paid for our TV. Our original TV cost £550 so we are £150 short. On top of this we would not be able to replace our system for this amount, the cheapest 28" Dolby Prologic in the shop is £600!

Obviously we are again very unhappy with your service. We have purchased a replacement TV and have based our purchase on receiving at least £550; it is beyond belief that we have had to go through so much trouble in order to get a working TV. We purchased your coverplan in good faith and it has cost us so much time, telephone calls and stress that we feel we would have been better of getting insurance from an external company. As you have so far not done anything to restore our faith in your service we are at present NOT interested in receiving any vouchers for a new coverplan and want you to give us the 10-month refund against our new product.

As we pointed out in our previous later, we know we are not alone with our complaints against your service. I feel as a company you need to address this immediately and do much more to repair your customer relations.

We would appreciate a speedy response to this and the previous later sent as we feel that you have taken up enough of our time and efforts already.

Richard Cole

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