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Re: Kilt Hire Company  
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"The Hankin reply as to the response received from the Kilt Hire Company is
as follows:

The Director thinks that sending a van up to St Andrews makes the company
not bad - If they were any sort of professional hire company, they shouldn't
have had to bring the shoes up at all. The shoes should have been clean in
the first place rather than us having to check them before leaving the shop.

It took the company well over a month to even acknowledge receipt of our
letter. The original letter was sent to both the registered office of the
company as listed at Companies House, and to the manager of the shop itself
- mysterious that neither letters reached the required destination.

We know that our friends who got married on 2 November have complained to
the shop. The Kilt Hire Company made one pair of trews and one kilt in the
wrong tartan and had to have the correct garments made up for the wedding in
the days before, once again resulting in unnecessary stress for the bride
and groom at a time when there is enough to be worrying about. Therefore
this is NOT hearsay.

If they are relying on the one fact in the letter about the boy's outfit
being our own measurements, it shows that they have no defence for the other
five complaints that we made.

As for calling us bitter - the Kilt Hire Company tried their damn hardest to
ruin the most important day of their lives - if they think we are bitter can
I suggest that they are in the wrong business if they will treat wedding
orders so flippantly. And if they want to discuss slander, it would be
interesting to hear what my father in law says about slander when he sees
the letter from the Kilt Hire firm which as good as calls him a liar.

This is a fantastic web site for the consumer as is evident from exploration
of the other complaints posted on the site. Thanks for your help. However we
think that the Kilt Hire Company are clearly not going to admit that they
are in the wrong even though 'the customer is always right' so we are happy
to leave this matter and will not be responding to anymore comments from the

Tina Hankin"
13 November 2002