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Consumer: Mr R D Powell
Company: Golden Sun
Date: 12 August 2003

Having booked a 7 night stay in limmassol in cyprus with golden sun, via my local travel agent,the first surprise came the following morning when i was informed that the half board option that i had booked was no longer available, and that they were only offering bed and breakfast,although i was assured that being a three star hotel, the facilities were good the hotel was the Azur hotel in limassol.having stayed in a three star hotel in Protaras the previous year, i was not unduly concerned,and accepted . the travel agent offered me "free"insurance as copmpensation.We travelled on Helios airways in a Boeing 757/800, which was excellently staffed and provided better legroom than the standard 757 that we flew on the previous year.

After collectin the luggage we were informed of our transport to limmassol.this being a minibus, so far so good.

The golden sun rep, Ms G, did not accompany us to our respective hotels ,but informed us of the welcome meeting later that morning at 10/30am at our hotel,so far still so good.

On arrival at the Azur hotel,we got our luggage and proceeded to the hotel reception desk,lovely hotel,nice entrance nice interior,so far and still,so good.

we checked in,handed over our passports and were then given a brown envelope with a key inside ,and appt 31 written on the outside.i asked the receptionist directions, and was very surprised to be told that it was out of the front door ,across the busy main road,and about another hundred yardsto get to this appt block,not so good now

Arriving at the appt block,we entered and as the appt was no 31,i called for the lift to take us up.
the lift arrived, but was too small to take us and our luggage,therefore the wife went in the lift with the hand luggage and i was left to negatiate three floors of stairs with two large suit cases,not so good at all now.

arriving at the we ,i opened the door and entered,where the firstshock came ,the balcony door was partially open,on looking around,i noticed that the refrigerator doorwas kept closed by a hasp and staple,there were paint stains on the carpet in the lounge and bedroom areas,the toilet had brown stains in it ,not having seen any bleach for quite some time,the "wardrobe"smelt and looked damp and dirty,and by now i was definitely not amused.I told the wife not to unpack as i was going to sort it out with the rep at the welcome meeting.

we showered and then negotiated the traffic back to the hotel for breakfast.

10.30 arrived and it was time to have the welcome meeting,so off we go, and we find the rep,Ms G in discussion with a young couple,so we sit and wait.soon Ms G collects her holidaymakers,which amout to the couple i had previously seen her talking to ,my wife and i, and a couple of young ladies,six of us in total.

I complained about the accomodation,and she seemed surprised,and asked if anyone else was unhappy.apparently the young couple i had seen with her previously had already complained,as did now the young ladies.

Ms G asked if she could see our accomodations and we all agreed.

After inspecting it we returned to the hotel,and Ms G left us to make some phone calls. Within 20 mins,she returned and informed us that we could all be transferred to another hotel about 10mins away,t owhich we all agreed.

We were taken to the Arsinoe Beach Hotel,and what a difference,a bright clean welcoming hotel,where we had all now been booked in at Half Board.

Within 90 mins of voicing our complaints, we had been moved to a proper 3star hotel, with all the facilities. We cannot thank Ms G enough for the expediency she displayed in relocating us,and it is such a pity that this lady was put in this position effectively by her employers. A reps life is not an easy one and is made much more difficult when travel companies fail to properly check out accomodation, prior to selling such holidays.

Golden Sun should be better informed of the standard of accomodation that they supply.

Finally, on a much brighter note , I believe that Golden Sun should be extremely grateful to Ms G for her unstinting efforts to get us all relocated speedily thus avoiding the possibility of a ruined holiday and further compensation claims.

Please remember that a Travel Firm is only as good as its Representatives and its reputation, and if it was not for the excellent service of your Representative Ms G, then,you would have been facing yet another claim for a ruined holiday.

Mr R D Powell