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Consumer: S and J mellon
Company: Golden Sun
Date: 8 June 2003

My husband and I booked with golden sun last month, may 2003.we booked the holiday to sidari, corfu. we have to be very careful with the flight times as we have a disabled son who goes into respite to give us a much needed holiday. The flights we booked were day flights both ways, two weeks before we were due to fly they changed the return flights by 11 hrs, this meant we wouldnt be landing at newcastle airport until 10 o clock at night instead of 11 o clock in the morning.

We complained to golden sun, explaining that we had to be back times stated for our disabled son. They offered us 1 weeks holiday the first week, but we would have to pay an extra £50 admin fee. £50 more for 1 week than what we had paid for 2.

Anyway we managed to extend his repite, with extra costs incured, and went on our holiday. the airline company was changed to Hola airways instead of excell, but the flight was good. We arrived at our studio appartment, zottos in sidari, it was diabolical.

It was a small dingy place down a back alley overlooking a rubbish tip. I sat on the bed and it collapsed, the blankets were filthy, and the beds were very damp. there was one cup between two, the shower was cold all the time, it was horrible.

We went to the wecome meeting the next day, at the elena appartments, the meeting was at two o clock, we sat there an hour or more but the rep never showed up. we left a message with the bar owner to say we wanted to see him as soon as possible, he arrived next day with all sorts of excuses why he never came. I told him I wanted to move somewhere else or to get me a flight home, because the studio was not up to standard. My husband suffers from osteo porrosis and severe asthma, so the wet beds were an extreme health hazard to him. We had been trying to dry them out next to the oven.he told us to come to the next welcome meeting 3 days later and he would see what he could do.

Meanwhile after he had felt our wet matresses and agreed we couldnt sleep on them, he changed them with the studio next door, even though we told him they werent any better as the previous couple had gone back home with flu. Apparently they had had a bad flood through winter and the apartments were flooded. Another couple said the owner had our matresses outside before we came, she thought he was putting them out for the rubbish, but later that day he put them back in.

Anyway we went to the meeting, and the rep said there were three no shows so there were rooms at the scorpio, right up the road on the outskirts we walked all the way up the road in the searing heat to have a look, only to be told by another rep that there weren't any empty rooms, in fact she was very annoyed with our rep for sending us there. We went back to our studio, and a few hours later our rep came and asked us if we wanted to move, we told him there were no rooms but he was adamant there was. We went beserk with him, both reps were just pissing us about. The next morning the other rep came calling our rep everything under the sun, and saying there were definately no rooms anywhere. We decided that they had ruined enough of our holiday and to make the best of it We asked for a complaint form and were assured one would be brought the next day, but none came at all. Our beds were green mouldy with damp all over the pine base. I put my new swuade shoes underneath the bed, and they ended up green mouldy as well.

We finally managed to get a complaint form from the rep at the airport, we have been home three days now, and are still seething over the way we were treated. we asked hundreds of holiday makers about their appartments with all different tour opperaters and they were great, but what was so annoying was they had all paid less than us . Our studios were called zottos, by the end of our holiday we had renamed them grottos. sidari itself is one of the nicest places we have been, the friendliness of the people ended up making our holiday something special, unlike our tour opperater who we will never ever use again.

Our complaint form is getting sent on monday morning, but reading all these complaints on your pages we dont hold out much hope. S and J mellon