Company: Golden Sun
Date:19 July 2002

We booked a weeks holiday to the Greek Island of Skiathos.

We had a delay of 6 hours at Gatwick Airport, with no explanation of why.
We did receive vouchers entitling us to food and drink, but only received them after we had already bought breakfast (after 8am when we were supposed to fly at 5:45 am) .We had previously checked with the checking in staff to see if vouchers were to be provided but were told that none were available.

When we did actually receive vouchers we were going to use them before boarding the plane through passport control, but were told that we were boarding the aircraft immediately, where we did in fact sit for a further hour and a half at the boarding gate.
Once on the Transjet aircraft we were not served with tea or coffee due to their water tanks on board teh plane being contaminated.

When we did eventually arrive at Skiathos airport we then had to wait an hour in the sun and a half for our coach to turn up to take us to our destination. We could get no information out of the reps, as they didn’t seem to have any idea what was actually going on. The rep that took us to our apartment also told us not to complain because she had also had a bad day!!!!.

On arriving at our apartment we were shown to our room. As we were apparently the last people to have booked (according to the Travel Company that we booked with, there were another 8 rooms left when we made the booking). We had a room that can only be described as a cattle shed. There was no balcony, and only one small window that we could not open at night due to that fact that we were two girls travelling together. All the other apartments had large doors and balconies.

The fact that we could not open any windows at night did in fact make one of us ill for 3 days of our holiday. When we asked to be moved (to anywhere on the Island) we were told that there were no rooms available anywhere else.

The only way that we could cool the room down was to hire a fan that we had to pay for out of our own money

Rest assured we were pleased to arrive back home (after another delay at Skiathos airport).

I have sent a letter complaining we will see if i actually get a reply
Claire... 19 July 2002