Consumer: Rachel
Company: Golden Sun
Date:30 May 2002


I am a passenger that was on flight swl 721 we travelled from Manchester to rhodes on the 15th may. out flight on the way back was absolutly terrible. i have still not received a returned phone call or appoligy or statement telling us why this happened!

We was told by our so-called rep on the coach, on the way to rhodes airport that we had a 3 hour delay "well think yourself lucky", she said, "this morning passengers had a 13 hour delay!". now, that was the last i saw of the rep till about 5 hours after when she came to us and said, "i dont know whats going on" she then dissapered once again! and that was the last i ever saw of a rep

... then another 11 hours after a plane finally arrived - we was told this plain was going to manchester - even by the pilot told us we were flying to manchester! but we'd heard rumours we were being flown to gatwick - no rep had told us because they had dissapeard into thin air, the pilot finally announced that we were going to gatwick - in the little english he spoke - by this time we'd already been delayed 19 hours with no information about what was going on - we didnt even know where our luggage was for god sake! we were then flown out to gatwick as we had no choice, and when we got there, there were no rep to w elcome us and tell us what was going on - even gatwick airport wasnt expecting us!!!!

we were told by the reception, we then had to find our coach which we waited over an hour for then finally we was driven to manchester that took another 7 hours! i still cant get back used to things im still off work because off this terrible incident.

i have tried to phone several times and keep getting fobbed off if this happens after this email i am going to be really annoyed, if i dont get a phone call today im going to be on the phone to my solicitor.... ive read my rights