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DiXONS: Consumer Comment -
....24 June 2003

On the 13th June I bought a Toshiba 43" TV at your Currys Basingstoke store. I paid £918.99, 10% cheaper as I bought one that I was told had been used in the store for 3 months. As per your leaflet "We deliver everyday - you choose etc" I did and chose Saturday, but was told they could not possibly deliver till Tuesday, there is the first incorrect fact.

I rang your line and was told it would be delivered between 10-2pm. That meant I had to have a holiday day off work. At 11.30 the van arrived and after much ado they said my TV was not in the van. To ring up Currys. I spent at least half an hour trying to get thru, going thru 6 different options and hanging on only to be cut off over and over again, Customer Services was no better constantly being told "You are in a queue". I then had to get into my car and drive to Currys, asked them if they ever bothered to answer their phone but of course it was because the computers were down. I was then told they had been informed the van driver would not deliver my TV without some form of protection.

In Currys I would have thought you had plenty of boxes or some form of covering. Tony the salesman then said he would therefore deliver it at 4.30-5.30. Exactly at 5.30 they arrived, I had paid extra to have the TV installed, why I do not know he only put an aerial in the back, the Sky was already tuned in. When the remote would not work he discovered he had no batteries in it, he removed the batteries from my neighbours gun. I had spent nearly a thousand pounds in your store I had no intention of going out to buy more batteries. Your salesman assured me he would deliver them that evening or the next day. Guess what, he did not bother, surprise surprise!.

On Sunday my family came over and pointed out a fault in the picture, at the top of the screen is a black line about 6in long (it is not the lines that appear on wide screen)and it almost looks like a label has dropped down. Monday I rang Currys as I wanted to point this fault out quickly, I told the operator I would like to speak to Tony (023) and to let him know who it was I mentioned that he had promised to deliver the batteries, and was about to explain about the screen when she said I will get him to ring you back. Surprise Surprise, he did not.

I went out that evening and when I returned he had put in my mail box two small batteries, used I presume as they were not wrapped. Is this the kind of after sales service I am to expect, and if so I wonder if you would mind returning my money so I can find another store who perhaps are concerned about customers.
Ms J A Tite

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