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FROM: Ben Good
RE: Dixons Brent Cross

4 July 2002

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a complaint about Dixons to submit to your site. Please note that I am happy (in reality desperate) for you to send this to Dixons!

I was in Dixons Brent Cross store looking at high end Camcorders and was planning a purchase. I left the store and the helpful salesman made me feel sure that I wanted to buy a camcorder later that day. I returned after lunch and spoke to a different salesman.

Naren the salesman was immediately off-hand and rude towards me. He relied to my request to view a certain model camcorder as "probably not" (meaning not on display) when it was right there behind him. I was looking at the camcorder when for no reason he lept into a barrage of abuse "you are a complete time waster, you are confused and have no idea what you are even looking for".

I was so angry I nearly threw the camera at him. Firstly, I have a degree in electronics and secondly he had never met me in his life so everything he said was complete assumption and fantasy. I was not even a difficult customer but a quiet and friendly guy who only asked one thing - to view a camera on display! He even began to test me on the various features of the camera. I happen to know them all but was so furious I asked for the manager.

I was ignored and finally asked 3 salesman who were having a private chat, if I could speak to the manger. The manager Sanjay was very young and off hand. He was not attempting to apologise but immediately said to me that "nothing could be proved". He treated me with distain and yet I was a customer about to pay over a thousand pounds.


A long row began and I asked for an appology from the salesman. The salesman then swore at me and walked off. I then asked for the store manger as this man was only the duty manager. A big framed photo displays the manager right at the enterance. To cut a long story short, the store manger Nick Smith was not in and I telephoned him at the store the following day.

Not once did he offer any kind of 'sorry' and told me that he would need to speak to the salesman on duty. His tone was arrogant and he seemed bored and care free and only made matters worse. Clearly the days when the 'customer is always right' are long gone. I then spent ages phoning customer services and was asked a barrage of question so they can 'place the call' with an 'agent'. I have never once been called back and the emails to customer services are all ignored. The case continues..,

I have sent an email to Mr Good requesting his address details for forwarding on to Dixons with details of this posting
5 July 2002

Update on 15 July 2002

A right of reply email has been sent to Dixons.

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