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DFS what a nightmare im amazed at the amount of distressed and disatisfied customers are around. i thought my case with DFS was isolated reading your page it isnt. I purchased a leather 3 piece suite with matching footstool in March 2002 costing £2,400 like many i took their 4 years interest free credit.

We were told the suite would arrive in 12 weeks max, but would we accept delivery sooner? yes. after the 12 weeks i rang DFS to be given a date, it never arrived, agin this happened to be all but called a liar. what they dont seem to understand is, they have a policy that you must accept delivery within 48hours of them calling you. how many people can take time from work at such short notice? the suite arrived 17 weeks from order date. minus the footstool!! it would arrive 8 weeks later it had been forgotten and had to come from Italy. i asked could i cancel the footstool. NO. why ? you just cant.

In the meantime numerous faults came to light there were trapped hair/dust particles under the leather finish which when removed left unsightly small tears in the leather and a stain had appeared on the back support cushion. a customer care manager came out with the footstool i told hime i didnt want it, it was a different colour to my suite, he agreed but couldnt take it away. he agreed the trapped dust but that was a natural flaw!! the stain he couldnt see...but tried to remove it anyway. eventually we got a new suite. on the delivery the drivers scratched the chair arm. it all started again. they took the chair away and 'repaired the arm. it came back looking shabby and very poor quality. i have been told dfs do not offer compensation. i was offered £200. after my 4th visit from their customer care manager, they are willing to exchange the suite yet again. but do i really want this nightmare to continue? i have wasted so much time waiting for delivery, pick ups all to DFS convenience you ask for am/pm..they arrive at what ever time of day they feel like, i pointed out to one driver who arived at 11.30am for a pm time, he laughed and said i knew you would be in!!

Contacing their head office is a waste of time they refer you back to branch manager. they wont give you the area mangaers contact number. the girls who answer the phone are rude and offensive. i was told by a customer care manager who viewed my badly repaired chair that in the office they have a list of customers names who are their most 'important' customers and my name is top!!!! if this is how they go about maintaining customer satisfaction.
Gaynor Chisnall ....13 February 2003

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