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I ordered a two seater leather sofa from DFS which was delivered in May 2001.
The grain on the leather did NOT look like the one I had seen in the store.
I complained immediately and even drove back to the store as soon as I had taken delivery.
I had to accept the goods as I could not see the extent of the grain until I had taken off the extensive packaging.
The store said that all leather suites would be different as no two animals were the same. I pointed out that they
were not even comparable and even looked at two other DFS stores to check that particular suite there.

They were all smooth leather too. I would never have ordered this suite if I had known it could come up with rough grain. I took the matter to Qualitas as DFS were either evading the issue or being rude. They sent a Customer Service Manager to my home to look at the sofa who said to me 'surely you know about leather!'. Then he added, well I think the leather looks better grained.

No matter what I wrote or who I spoke to DFS would not accept my rejection of the sofa. The only thing they did offer was that I could re-select at a discount of approx 1/4.

When I advised them I would take this to Qualitas, they withdrew the offer. At no time did they write to me or
acknowledge any of my letters or faxes. Qualitas have been dealing with this case now since June 2001 and I am awaiting their final adjudication, having had an independant report carried out in December. It transpires, that my sofa could never have looked like the one in the stores as a different leather covering was used, the colour of which was never an option in the smooth grain that I had ordered. They should have known this and advised it. It was obvious DFS did not know anything about the different covering, if they had they would not have kept repeating about no two animals skins being the same.

The result has been that I have nothing to sit on, other than one chair as I was advised not to sit on the sofa
so that DFS couldnt turn around and say I had worn it or the grain was different thru extensive use. cannot order
curtains as I do not know the result of this and may end up with something different which might not go with the
curtains I have seen. I cannot have people over as they have nowhere to sit.

My old sofa is in my garage which is now damp. If DFS had listened to me at the beginning and done something
I could have had my old sofa back in my lounge. I had new carpet to go with the colour of the sofa and all of
this now may be insignificant. I am paying off for this on interest free credit and it has caused me nothing but stress.

Their attitude is appalling and it has turned out my complaint was totally justified and they never took me seriously.

As I said, Qualitas is looking at this, which is still taking ages, but I felt I had to let you know.
DFS should not be able to get away with rude, non knowledgable staff.
Because it is on interest free credit, of course DFS were paid out by First National and are 'ok'.
Miss F Fineberg.. 8 January 2002

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