I purchased a Sony Television from Currys, Enfield Retail Park in Mid-Decemeber 2002.
After 3 months the TV ceased to work. A repair man came out and told me it had to be picked up from my house and repaired at their premises as thr brain had broken.

'Fair enough' I thought, these things happen. The day before New years Eve I received a phone call telling me that tv would be delivered on New years eve. I waited in all day and no one came. I cancelled all my festive plans for nothing. I didn't even recieve a phone call that the tv wasn't coming. After the New year I contacted Your Customer services who bounced me around from one person to the other, no one new what had happened.

I eventually got through to the warehouse where they told me the tv had been dropped and the case cracked. Then they told me the tv would be sent to another location to find out whether or not it could be repaired again. I told them that I would not be happy with a tv that had now been dropped. After much argueing they agreed to exchanged it for a new tv. So I went back to the store and chose an equivilant tv. The manager told be I'd have a delivery date within 9 days. Two weeks passed and nothing. I eventually had to take more time off work to go back to the store as they never answer there pnone. The manager said that the tv hadn't arrived yet, and told me to wait another week. A week and a half passed and still no phone call. I went back to the store and was told that had had no idea when it was coming and I should chose another tv. (about 2 months had passed by now from initial purchase).

I chose another tv and it came as planned but without the stand, I called the delivery people and they said it would come in a week.

When I turned on the new phillips tv, that too was faulty. I now want a full refund and ask them to collect their tv.

I fully understand that items can break and deliverys can be delayed, but what really got to me was that i did not recieve one phone call of apology, not even a call out of human curtousy.
I had to do all the phoning all the running around, and i'm supposed to be the customer. I took several mornings off work, it cost me at least £20 in phone calls.

In all I am absolutely disgusted with the customer service, and would never set foot in a currys store again.
Lee Michaels....19 February 2003

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