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On 1 May 2002, a concerned grand mother, Mrs Marion Payne of XXXXXX, submitted the following complaint against Currys:

my daughter bought her son a packard bell laptop at currys weston super mare,in september,for her son who is dyslexic to help him with his homework. the laptop soon went wrong it has gone bact to currys twice, and it has gone back to the factory in france four times it is still not right, she is also paying £500 extra warranty on it no one wants to know about it, her son is very upset, my daughter is teminally ill, her husband has to look after her, so cant work, this is alot of money for them, they have spoken to the manager he,is not interested.it goes on and on please help desparete marion payne.

Mrs Payne had made contact with us initially in March 2002, then we asked for her address details etc - to ensure validity-. We are rather concerned at this particular complaint and the circumstances and condition of the parties invloved- if true.

We have decided to contact you before publishing the details on the clik2complaints website. PLEASE investigate immediately and respond to Mrs Payne's complaint. Thank you.

1. Email to rightofreply@clik2complaints.co.uk

2. Or respond direct to Mrs Payne in writing, or email XXXXXXXX , or telephone: XXXXXXXX

Full details of your response and the action taken by Dixons Group to resolve the matter will be duly posted alongside the complaint on The Consumers Complaint List.


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