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2 September 2003
P Swift


I have never felt so despondent with British Gas as I do today. Usually I have been only too pleased with the work carried out. I have put up with a lot over the past three years, but things have finally come to a head. I will start with a log from today going back. No hot water or heating for 4days!

Sept 2 Engineer came and fitted new part but was unable to fix the problem will have to come tomorrow at 1 p.m. with a Technical advisor.

Rang British Gas to find out the situation with regard to whether an engineer would come back today. Told this was not possible due to the parts needed. Told the engineer would come tomorrow between 4-6pm. Advised that this was inconvenient due to swimming lessons already paid for. Told that the engineer would call between 1-3pm tomorrow. Asked about the lagging of an external pipe that is outstanding from about 8 weeks ago. Engineers will ring today to confirm time. Still awaiting call!!

Rang British Gas re; Engineer having left to see if the job could be done sooner. Nothing documented as yet, will trace the job and call back - mobile phone number given. Will ring me back.

Complained to the young lady that I was not impressed by the attitude of the engineer.
He was quite abrupt when he arrived and when he had finished he just stated that he had to order a valve and said 'you will be in this week' I replied that he had to be joking as school started tomorrow and with 3 children I work. His rude comment was -Do you want it ordering or not? I have never been so rudely spoken to by an engineer

Sept 01 Engineer came at about 10am and was quite abrupt in his manner. This was remarked on by my visitor. Offered engineer a drink but declined. Explained that the lagging of an outside pipe still had not been done but was ignored. Left to carry out work Finished job told that it needed a valve ordering and he was verbally rude as stated in the above paragraph.

Aug 31 Rang British Gas before 8am due to no hot water. Told that there too many water leaks and gas leaks for anyone to help today. Given a choice of times chose morning. Told that the computers were down so could not trace pipe lagging.
Aug Reminded Engineer on his mobile number as advised that pipe lagging work had still not been done. He said that he would look into it. Still waiting.

July Vents fitted and advised that the department would contact me with regard to the pipe lagging.

June Engineer called to property to measure for vents and pipe lagging.

June Emergency engineer called out due to no hot water although the day before the boiler had been serviced by an engineer and trainee.

June Boiler serviced by British Gas - reported that outside pipe should be lagged and that the cupboard was not ventilated enough.

Dec 2002 Engineer called out due to water leak assessed Friday part ordered for Monday needed another part ordered for Tuesday 5 days without hot water and heating! Eventually working fine.

May 2002 First service since fitting and no problems.

Dec 2002 New boiler fitted. What a hassle. Sub-contract engineers arrived, looked at job and refused to start work because there was more than a days work and they didn’t have the hours. Sorted, work started and completed. No quality check carried out as advised . Reminded British Gas with a number of calls to no avail.

Nov 25 2002 Technical adviser came out and assessed job. Advised that the new boiler could go in bathroom airing cupboard. Husband had been made redundant so used his money thinking this was wisely spent. I no longer feel that this is so now.

Nov 24 2002 Flue to boiler condemned. Decided to discuss a new boiler and moving it out of the conservatory due to poor access to the roof and flue. Would be without heating and hot water for 9 days.

Perhaps having read this letter You might realise that there is little wonder that I am upset. We shall soon have had this boiler remade perhaps it would have been easier to have fitted a new one. I feel that some of my points need looking into and look forward to your letter. I am sure that in the end we will be penalised for having to call you out but 2 of these call outs are in the past 3 months since servicing!
P Swift

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