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Dear Ms Plascott Thank you for your letter dated 12 july and the opportunity to contact you by email. May I first thank you for the statements you have already sent and the list of payments received from December 10th 1999 to date .

I see the problem of no received payments from 14 june 99 to dec 9th 1999 . May I say that I certainly did buy cards during that period or I would have had to live without electricity for those 16 week.And no doubt that is why you are looking for those missing payments. From the list I have tried to estimate the total value of the missing payments based on list averages over the last 31 months and using that figure to estimate the missing payments of the 4 months from june 14 to Dec 9th 1999.My total electricity spend over 31 months have been £545 which is £17.58 per month x 4 missing months = £70 estimated payments made but not shown on statements.

I have tried different reasonable ways of estimating and arrived at sums of £175. May I ask If British gas accept that I have never been sent statements since if statements had been sent why were no refunds made to me when all the balances would have shown accumulated credits.I noted that the statement covering 14th june 1999 and 13th june 1999 replaces the previous bill dated the 7th October 1999 on which some of the missing payments would have appeared .

In my opinion British gas is in breach of contract for not sending me statements. which is an issue that I will be taking up at a future date.With regard to my credit balance , it seems to me premature to try and work out what the accumulated credit balances were in the last 3 years and which I will need to know in order to make a reasonable claim for loss of compounded interest .

With regard to your offer of £30 compensation. I think I would prefer a court to decide appropriate levels of compensation and I will be asking for punitive compensation to be awarded to me for the physical and psychological stresss caused to me by British gas over the years and have already put the £300 refund sent to me in june for that purpose.

From our telephone conversations my old electricity supplier have sent you all payments received up to there final statement of 17th august 1999 with a final meter reading of 51716With regard to statement meter readings may I ask for a source reference that I could go to to verify these readings were taking and not perhaps estimated please ?

May I thank you for your patience and your appreciated help in resolving my account problems.

Yours faithfully Jack kybird
Customer reference number XXXXXXXX