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FROM: Dr. Gunjan Puri

The General Manager

Iqara BroadBand India Pvt.Limited
Suite 1128, Oberai Towers
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021

Dear Sir,

Subject : Complain regarding your Iqara Broadband India, Surat Office.( Promoted by the British Gas Company)

Since the past nearly two months, I have been calling regularly at the Surat Office but still no one has listened to my complaints nor has bothered to call back even once. Right from the very first day I have found that Iqara People in Surat make false promises and try to solve the situation by words rather than solving the problem.

1) Mr. R S, Executive & Sales and Marketing had come to take a connection and had promised that the connection would start in 3 working days; but there was no one to even do the installation for more than a week. Even despite calling several time, there had been no response from your office and all had only one thing to say that Mr RS would contact you. Despite of calling several time, none from the Iqara Surat had the courtesy to call back even once regarding the delay.

2) Mr. RS had promised a pair of headphones while taking the connection but he hasn't delivered as yet . When called upon Iqara, I was told that they would deliver in a days time, but so far no one has bothered to deliver that. Later Mr. RS had denied that he hasn't said such a thing. In less than 24 hours , Mr T had contact my friend Mr. B had taken the money for his connection and too had promised him a headphone, but later when Mr B saw the poor response from Iqara to me, he cancelled his connection before the installation and took back his money. He today is very happy taking his money back.

3) You don't give any connection before receiving the money or even accepting a post dated cheque then why don';t you give the bill for the money, which has already been paid. I have been calling up Iqara Surat but till date ( July 4, 2002) no one has bothered to call back even once or even send the bill. All they do is that they take the contact number and say that the matter would be solved promptly but that it, they just say , they don't bother to call back. 4) When Mr. R came for taking the connection, he told that I would have to take a LAN worth 425 Rs. And their associated hardware dealer provided the same, but when the LAN card dealer came he charged Rs. 500 saying that was the rate of the LAN card. If your marketing executive does not know the rate of a product then why do they do marketing.

5) On the day of results of the Higher Secondary Board, I coundt access the sites because it was running extremely slow. I had to disconnect and use my phone line to get on the net. I complained regarding the same but no one bothered to see as to what the problem was or whether it was rectified was or not.

6) I had been trying to contact Mr. R several times, during the past one week. First of all I was not given his direct contact number. Second despite leaving messages he has never replied back; maybe he hasn't received the message. Despite of leaving message since the past two days, he hasn't bothered to call back. All the time I get only one reply, that he is not in his chamber and also he has not taken his mobile with him. It is only when I told that I would approach the Consumer Court then he appeared on the phone. What is this ? If you aren't able to satisfy your customers then why are you running the show here.

A good service was promised and also lot was written on the website regarding the services, the promises and the value but I feel cheated and lost faith in Iqara . I regret buying your Broadband Internet connection. I longer want to continue with Iqara after completion of my account because your company isn't efficient in giving a good and proper and timely service.

Awaiting your prompt reply,

Thanking you
Dr. Gunjan Puri
July 4, 2002.

1) Iqara BroadBand Surat Office.
2) Iqara HomeFill: Building C, 100 Thames Valley Park Drive, Reading RG6 1PT.
3) Editor, Times of IndiaAhmedabad.
4) Surat Citizen Council, Surat


I echo Dr. Puri's sentiments. It is shameful that a British Gas group company is so slow on customer support. The Vadodara office can not be easily contacted on phone and promptness is shown only when renewing an account. Last week, I got a response to my complaint only when I blocked the Iqara rep from entering my premises to faciltate a new connection from the Modem I have allowed to be shared from my rooftop. The contractors employed by the company execute jobs in a most unprofessional manner.

Today, June 9, despite a message for the Branch Manager through the company's reps, no action resulted. I have been seriously contemplating contacting the top echelons of the company to voice my sense of utter dissatisfaction at the way customer service is handled. I invite any senior executive of Iqara to visit me at his convenience, to see for himself the quality of installations.
Capt. J M Vaishnav ... 9 June 2004

well its 25th september today.
i had started my cybercafe on iqara cable on 1st my customers are complaining that i am not getting enough speed as before......lets see whats their response.Dharmesh Desai... 25 Sep 2002

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