Consumer: Mr J Postlethwaite
Company: British Gas

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Here as promised is the update on my ongoing BG saga

Friday 17 May - 2pm - ring to see if cylinder has arrived, I am told it is expected that afternoon and that someone will ring me to arrange an engineer to fit it as soon as it does. 5pm - no-one has rang so I call again. The part is in but no-one can ring now, as 'they've all gone home'. I express my dissatisfaction. 8pm - BG ring, say they will arrange for someone to come round on Monday.

Monday 20 May - 8am - an engineer rings and asks 'What's the problem?' 'No problem,' I say 'You're coming to fit our tank.' 'Ah, they didn't tell me that' he says. It turns out he is the engineer who came round on 29 April. 'I thought they would have fitted that by now' he says. 'That's what we thought' I say, as unsarcastically as I can. Anyway, they are unable to unite engineer and cylinder at my home at the same time that day, but fortunately, I can still get into work without being too late. At around 3.30 BG finally ring to tell me that an engineer can fit the cylinder tomorrow.

Tuesday 21 May - Engineer arrives at 10pm, cylinder turns up five minutes later. It is short and fat. The one that fits into the space in our cupboard needs to be long and thin. The engineer's laptop tells us that the 29 April engineer specified the correct dimensions, but somewhere this vital detail has been overlooked/ignored. Today's engineer spends the rest of the morning on his mobile trying to track down the correct tank. He leaves around midday, saying if no-one rings in the afternoon, give him a call. No one rings. I call him. 'It's a special' he says, 'could be around ten days'. I thank him for his efforts, and ring the call centre to say that another ten days is 'completely unacceptable' and ask for a manager to ring back. 'They're all out, but will ring in the morning.'

Wednesday 22 May - midday - no one has yet rung.