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18 October 2003
Paul Taylor


Similar issue to Mrs Rawcliffe with regard to British Gas three star call centre staff.I called to ask why the renewal for my three star cover appears to have gone up 26%. I was told that this was because of the type of my boiler, the fact that I live in London and something to do with the number of my radiators. All these facts were honestly given to them by me a year ago when they took the system on, and of course they were checked by the engineer when he first came (after several missed appointments) to inspect the system. Everything has worked OK for a year - no call-outs. So what's changed? The ominous phrase "tailored pricing" as used, which sounds more like a marketing than gas-technical phrase to me.

But it gets worse - like Mrs Rawcliffe I found that the staff interrupted me when I was trying to make a point. Are they just rude or are they being flogged to get people off the phone. I was hung up on.

I called back to try to resolve the initial queries and was again interrupted. When I started to complain that "I don't know what it is with you people" meaning to go on to refer to the constant aggressive interruptions, I was again interupted with - to my utter disbelief - the aggressive suggestion that I was impugning the staff's Scottishness! I was being accused, totally without foundation of making some sort of racist slur. This srikes me as agression through simulated victimhood. I was again hung up on. I am left wondering what will happen if I carry on with the agreement and have to actually make a call to ask for an engineer to come out. I fully understand your distress Mrs Rawcliffe at this abuse.

Paul Taylor, London...18 October 2003

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