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3 October 2003
Mrs k. v Rawcliffe


I phoned british gas services on the 2nd of october 2003 to explain to them about my arrears on my payment plan. i am currently in credit with british gas as i tried to explain why i missed the payments and only paid £5 instead of £7.50 the repusantitive called graham was interupting me as i was trying to explain. i asked to speak to a manager which he refused to do so i asked him for head office number which at first he wa reluctant to give. eventually he gave me the head office number and told me he would put a note on my account saying i would not tell him when my arrears would be paid then he put the phone down on me. i found his attitude unhelpful and was distressed by his behaviour.

i rang up head office and spoke to a lady who passed me on to a gentleman who was very helpful. i explained to him my situation and he was very helpful and polite to me reducing my payment to £5 per week. i would like an appologie from graham as being a customer i do not expect to be treated with little respect and not empathising way. i would be grateful if you could have a word with this person as i said before head office and customer service was very helpful and i have no problem with that service.

Hopefully you are able to solve this matter without any more of your valid customers being put through what i was put through, as i can only describe this as a humiliating and distressing telephone conversation. thank you for your help.
Mrs k. v Rawcliffe ... 3 October 2003

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