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29 July 2003
Ian Shaw


We had a Worcester combi boiler that was in the property when we bought it and was aproximately 11 year old. the boiler started to make an awful clanging noise resulting in the boiler juddering to a halt and the pilot light going out. After numerous visits and parts being fitted including a new pump the problem continued. Then another engineer, on another visit to the same problem, said it was actually due to a build up of 'sludge' in the system and that it would require a 'power flush' to get rid of this debris caused by corrosion within the radiators.

So why was this apparently obvious fault not diagnosed in the first place? It seems strange to replace parts including a pump that is only going to get blocked up again? However this was 'powerflush' is NOT included in the 3 star cover and would cost £450. When asked if this would cure the problem he said 'maybe not - it couldn't be guaranteed'.

I then got the hard sell for a £2500 new boiler at £50 "interest free". MMmmm...interest free apart from being £1000 overpriced in the first place. So the upshot of this is that having paid into the 3 star scheme for a number of years, and having developed a clear mechanical problem with the boiler, British gas wouldn't fix it unless I paid £450 for treatment that may not even remedy the problem?! So what exactly am I paying for? Meanwhile with 2 chldren I have no Hot water or C/Heating. My hands tied, and no thanks to British Gas I had a new boiler fitted, sited in another place,TRV's fitted to all radiators and some re-plumbed pipework for £1500. The 3 star cover is certainly less of a gurantee than it seems !!
Ian Shaw ... 29 July 2003

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