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12 November 2003
William Martin Hughes


Six and a half weeks ago I used the British Gas web site to register my interest in purchasing a new boiler, central heating system and power shower for a flat I am refurbishing.

Three weeks later I had a telephone call from them to arrange an appointement setting a date three and a half weeks in the future. Not exactly what one would descibe as speedy service but I was trying to be a loyal customer.

On the appointed day I waited for four hours in an empty unheated flat and guess what? Their representative failed to turn up. I called their "Customer Service" department. As anticipated I got the usual "All we can do is apologise" routine.

Too right - it appears that's all British Gas can do - they must have plenty of experience. I declined their offer of an appointment for 'later in the week'. No one in British Gas seems to take ownership or have the authority to resolve problems.

I have a long list of various 0845 numbers they tell you you must ring - not one person could put me through to the appropriate department.I still don't know why their representative didn't turn up (no explanation was offered) and frankly don't care.

They are lots of small local companies in my area that would jump at the chance for the business. I now intend to switch suppliers entirely.

What a shower.
William Martin Hughes

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