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4 November 2003
Samantha Crawthraw


British gas home care agreement is very expensive and does not provide an efficient service. The customer services are extremely rude and do not know what to say apart from the standard patter which does not always apply to every question. British gas homecare - please note that in order to pay for this "service" your customers need to work. Therefore it is no use being told that an engineer will come one day, and then upon speaking to an customer representative beng told that an engineer will come the next day. I don't mind waiting if engimeers are busy but being told he will come and taking 4 days off work in the hope that he will is vey upsetting.

Saturday morning 8am,I reported a fault and was told an engineer would come before 6pm. At 8pm that night I was told the engineer was still on his way. I waited until 10pm. Sunday morning I phoned again and was told someone would be with me. This happened each time I called- Its 4 days later and i'm still being told someone is coming- I can't go to work in case they do come- I have to go to work to pay for this service. We are held captive by british gas homecare- all they can do it apologise but why should we have to pay for very bad service. Maybe you should have a maximum call out wait. but to be honest i don't mind waiting if i know someone is coming. This homecare agreement provides bad service- I am currently looking at alternatives.
Samantha Crawthraw...4 November 2003

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