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Weatherseal Holdings Winsford
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Ms H Pearce
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An Open Letter:

"After an initial survey on 11 August, installation of two sets of patio doors was arranged for Tuesday 2nd October, giving me a week's notice, and for this I booked a day's leave from work. Shortly after they arrived, the installers informed me that the glass for the second set of doors hadn't arrived, but they were hoping it would arrive before they had finished the first door. Needless to say, it didn't. After speaking to the installation depot at Slough it was suggested that they could install the frame of the second door, fill it with plywood, and return next day to put the glass in. I was not happy with this idea as I was not convinced that the glass would arrive next day and I would be left with doors filled plywood for an unspecified amount of time. Also, I would need to take more time off work. Subsequent events have convinced me that I made the right decision at this point. The men left at 1330, having made a good job of one set of doors. Shortly after they had gone Mr Smart from the installation depot called me and arranged for the work to be completed on Saturday 6 October and I was left with half a day's leave wasted.

Two different men arrived on 6th October and proceeded with the installation. Two hours later they left, but not before telling me that they couldn't finish the job as there were parts missing, ie the inside and outside ventilator covers, a strip to go down the edge of the door on the outside, and the inside sill. They told me I could arrange to get this done at any timeat my convenience. I subsequently noticed that the door handle and lock on the inside had not been fitted properly, making the door tricky to lock. I might add that England were playing a football match that afternoon make of that what you will. Coincidence?

On Monday (8th Oct) I again called to arrange for someone to come out and finish the work. On Tuesday evening I met with 'Andy' from Slough depot who had a look to see what needed doing. No problem, he said. It would only take ten minutes, and he would come back next evening after work with the parts, or if he was unable to, he would phone me and definitely come on Thursday. Not so. Not only did he not come back, he did not phone either.

After more communication with Customer Services they told me that Mr Richard Smart would contact me to arrange completion. Two weeks passed before I again contacted Customer Services to see what was happening. Mr Smart eventually called me at work and said he had been on holiday, which was why he hadn't called. He was immediately defensive and aggressive and said that he couldn't understand why I was so upset at such a minor problem. Two things here if it is so minor, why should it take so long to resolve? Secondly, I don't consider a gaping hole at the top of my door letting in wind and rain to be minor. These are not cheap doors, and it is not unreasonable to expect first class service and first class work. It turned out that the parts had to be ordered. Why?? This job was supposed to be completed on 2nd October!

A man finally arrived on Saturday 17th November and carried out the 'minor' work nearly seven weeks after commencement of the job.

Now that the installation of two sets of patio door is finally completed, and paid in full, I am writing to claim some compensation for the distress, inconvenience and time wasting caused to me, not to mention the complete and utter lack of professionalism on the part of Weatherseal.

I should mention that the final work did not go completely without hitch. You will recall that the vent was one of the outstanding items, and in the interim I had stuffed the hole with kitchen roll to help keep out wind and rain. I felt rather foolish when I asked the operative if he had remembered to remove the tissue before fitting the vent, but he assured me that he had. After he had had gone I went to close the vent and realised that he had not, in fact, removed the tissue. I managed to remove some of it myself, but had to leave some in one end. The man who came to collect the cheque on Monday 19th November has now removed the remaining tissue.

Considering the disastrous catalogue of events concerning work that began on Tuesday 2nd October and concluded on Monday 19th November, I now wait to see how you intend to compensate me, so that I can put this ordeal behind me. What should have been an exciting time, having ugly old patio doors replaced by lovely new ones has been totally marred and, far from feeling excited, I simply feel 'flat', and relieved that the whole unpleasant business is over.

Whilst writing I would like to say that, had the work been completed (as it should have been) on 2nd October, by the two men who carried out the work on the first door most efficiently and politely, none of this would have been necessary. I was very happy with their work.

I have not, as I mentioned in my last letter to Customer Services, placed any of this correspondence in the hands of Watchdog, or on the Internet. This, I feel, should be an absolute last resort.

I look forward to your favourable reply, by return"

I have never received a reply. I now reach 'last resort'.

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A Right of Reply letter has been issued. Your comments?

update on 4 February 2002
"Today I received a communication from Weatherseal. It said "we must re iterate the content of our previous letter and confirm that your request for compensation has been declined", signed by a nobody, on behalf of the man who was rude to me in the first place when I tried to complain. Clearly Weatherseal are still refusing to accept any of the points raised in my letter, and I still have not had the courtesy of a reply, or even an acknowledgement, from the Managing Director of the company to whom my letter was addressed.

They seem to be missing the point here. I am beginning to accept that I will not get compensation, even though most companies would consider a goodwill gesture beneficial from a customer service and public relations viewpoint a good investment. No, what I am seeking now is to ensure that other potential Weatherseal customers do not have to suffer the traumatic experience that was my installation. I would like to know how they think it feels to be disappointed and unhappy after spending £4000. I wish I had gone ANYWHERE other than Weatherseal.

I would also still like the courtesy of a reply to my letter and a comment from the Managing Director on how satisfied he is with the way his staff are running his company and whether he is quite happy to know that he has an extremely dissatisfied customer 'out there'. I wonder if I am the only one? I suspect not.

If anyone is reading this - do not employ WEATHERSEAL. Their workmanship is shabby and their customer service is non existent.

Finally, the Promotions department continues to contact me to see if I would like any further work done. I THINK NOT. Communication is also a problem Weatherseal suffer from. Hilary Pearce"



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Having worked for Weatherseal for a great number of years, tha majority of it in customer service's. I have found complaints like this all to often. This customer will not receive a penny in compensation as it is not weatherseals policy. I would like to advise the customer to write to the papers and to watchdog to take the complaint further.
Anonymous..15 July 2002
Cant understand your complaint.
You are happy with the workmanship of the doors, and then you say they are shabby?
Suzanne...8 August 2002


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