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Ms F Horvat
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The truth is I don't even know how much money I might lose; the story has reached such a level of confusion that my desription will probably suffer from it.

At the beginning of the year I changed my phone plan and since it seems they are having problem to registrer my new "situation". They still charged me for my old plan with the old rates as well as the new plan charges of course! Then a long serie of irritating phone calls started: every time (over two month) it was impossible to speak to the personn I had spoken to before for at least half an hour and who had promessed I would be able to contact them with their code number!!

So each time I had to explain the all thing again: the numerous complicated bills since january and the many changes and corrections that led to so many others of their mistakes. Each time the person would give me a different interpretation of the various amounts on the bill and each time they gave me the guaranty that it would be the last time i would need to call them.

Until last week (first week of april), I received a letter out the blue reminding me to pay £25 other wise I would be disconnected!!

The week before another letter was telling me I was accredited of £70! So I called once again furious and I spoke to another person who understood nothing and told me to ignore the letter and that a Specialist would go through my file and call me. Noone has contacted me since.

It really feels like they are incapable of understanding what are their own computers doing. I am tired wasting hours on the phone and not knowing what surprise will be in my next bill

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I have been with TMobile since July of 2002. I signed up to Free Time 750, which is a promotional tarif. I find their service very helpful most of the time, apart from recently. I tried to find out details about an old price plan of theirs, and they were unable to help as the customer service staff couldnt' find it, due to it being so old. Louise Simpson ... 4 January 2004

I bought a t mobile mix it 750 plan for my son at xmas
the phone got cut of when i phoned to find out why they said i have a 106 phone bill.How can this be as its all free time and you need to also put top up card voucher on if you want to phone other networks the lady from t mobile told me they hadnt put me on right contract plan and i have to pay the bill. WHY should i pay for there mistakes i bought a mix it plan and they put me on a normal contract line so be aware if you have mix it plan make sure your not on any other price planand get a large bill. Angela Lovell ... 15 January 2004
I have a sagem MW3020 with a pay as you go everyone tariff.
I would like to talk to a human being from t-mobile from my phone if I have a problem that cannnot be solved by the inadequate automated service which everyone has to suffer.The sagem mw3020 has a flaw in it.

I know t-mobile will say that's sagam's but actually it is t-mobiles as well as their network takes the calls.The de-activate part of the menu can render the phone inactive(cannot receive incoming calls without you even realising it)what a ridiculas piece of software to have when you can just switch the phone.Is it just me or is some of these so called modern features a complete waste of time and space. CHRISTINE BRENNAN ... 27 June 2003
This is not an uncommon complaint -
we have three mobiles conected to T Mobile and since changing the price plan some six months ago every bill has been incorrect. Despite numerouse assurances from "customer service agents" that the correct tariff has been applied, the following month's bill comes incorrect yet again.
I am now considering serving them with claim in the county court to cover damages and a court order forcing them to allow me to transfer the phone numbers to another provider. Howard Meadowcroft ... 7 July 2003
I also have had trouble with T mobile,
i use my phone for emergencys only and found that it had been dissconnected.I recived no warning of this and found the staff unhelpfull i am now left with a voucher for £10 that i can't use.I had been with 121 for 4 years and had not been made aware of changes to their policies.I think a text message to warn me would have been nice and also that i must pay £10 to reconnect before i bought the voucher.
C Turner ... 6 August 2003
I have had the same problem.
also they registered my phone number with another customer!! my line is disconnected until i pay £127.00. I have only been with company for 3 months. Really crap service.
Alison Harper .. 23 August 2003
Having purchased a £20.00 T-mobile voucher
from a local supermarket and when I process the voucher i was told that the voucher had been suspended and I cannot contact T-mobile to register a complaint. Could you please assist me?.. Brian Norris .. 15 September 2003
I have been a 121/t-mobile customer for many years now,the last 28 months have turned out to be a real nightmare.
I have several lines with this outfit but only a problem with the longest active contract. This particular line is almost guaranteed to be suspended due to non-payment!!!!!!!

What i am trying to say is that i refuse to pay anything untill i recive/view a bill . I am so used to this occuring now that i call customer services to chase up my next due payment bill,and suprise suprise the comment i always get is "it would be better if you paid by direct debit," this really gets up my nose, several years ago i did set up a direct debit with 121 but that only lasted less than a year. Monnies were taken with out my authorisation on two seperate instances. Help! I feel that because this is one of the old original tarrifs ,t-mobile are trying to force me to cancel this contract.theres much more!
Mr Sav kyriacou … 14 october 2003
I Started T-mobile line rental price plan 750 minutes
.On 11-10-03 signed contract, on 15-10-03, started my free 750 minutes, now every evening I am calling approximately 15 to 20 minutes, but it is deducting arround one hour every evening, I call 150 and tried to tell them more than twice, still the same more deduction problem.
Jaber A. Jaber...21 October 2003
I had a very strange situation.
My mobile phone ,on using it , did self explosion ( auto explosion ) . It became wormer and wormer then explosion occured with loudy sound.The black powder covered my body. Complete damage happened to it.I can not find any explanation to what happened. I sent E-mail to its company. Nader R Botros ... 28 December 2003

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