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Welwyn Garden City
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Ms L Moorman
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I received a yellow postcard from Oxford Servicing asking to phone "Pat" which I did to then find out I "Owe" Sky Analogue £73.97 from 1997,I did have the system removed in 97.

I have now received a letter stating that if I am a Sky Digital customer, to contact Oxford servicing and I will have no more correspondence on the matter. I have contacted Oxford servicing again and now await a breakdown of what I "Owe"?

I was told this would cost me £10 to which I replied "I don't think so and if you carry on I will start to bill you" So the fee has been waived but will I receive what I requested?

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update on 22 May 2003:
A Right of Reply response from SKY requesting further info: "client reference number that is on the yellow postcard you received from Oxford Servicing". See Right of Reply column (above right).

Click here to read her Ms Moorman's response to SKY on the same day with the requested reference.

update on 27 May 2003:
Now SKY decide they don't handle the account anymore!
"Dear Miss Moorman, Thank you for contacting us about your analogue account. Sky are no longer administering analogue accounts, this business has now been sold on and all enquiries should be directed to Oxford Services, regarding all outstanding accounts.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on 08702 404040. Alternatively, you may contact our email address, Yours sincerely , Customer Care Department "

Ms Moorman on 29 May 2003:

"I have spoken to the local Citizens Advice bureau and they told me to contact my local Trading Standards Office, I have contacted them and they spoke to another office and it seems there have been a lot of complaints about this company and they are under investigation. The trading standards office is lodging a compliant on my behalf, So I will wait and see what happens."


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I know that I am in the Republic of Ireland, but I am hoping that you can help me. I rang Sky to inform them that I was having trouble with my Digibox, each time I press for a channel change it switches off and then back to standby. The only channels that I can get are E4 and Sky News.

They gave me a number of a company here who represents them and carries out repairs. I rang them around the 12th or 14th of Dec and they informed me that they would not be out until after Christmas, they gave me a number of another company that they had sub-contracted to and they said they would be out the next day, they never arrived. I have been without Sky for over three weeks now and Sky have not helped me resolve the problem.

I have rang them a number of times and I even received an email from them saying that if I submit my details and problem they would resolve the problem as a matter of urgency. They have not. My wife rang again and this time she was informed her that they could only assist her with an engineer if she had a visa card, yet when I went to the Sky web page it does not accept orders on line from the Republic of Ireland. I really am desperate for help. I am now paying them for a service that I am not receiving.
Patrick Hanly ... 8 January 2004
I received a bill from Sky 0n 8th December,
2003 with telephone calls dated July, 2003. This was the mistake of Sky since I pay through direct debit. When I phoned them regarding this statement they said because it was sky's error .
and the bill was more than 3months old it would be written off.

Iwas sent a letter dated 31st december 2003 saying that if i did not clear my account they would disconnect the facilities. All the phone calls to the call centres was not noted by them,so they thought I had been ignoring the letters. I found sky to be disconnected on Monday 13th January, 2004. Since I have been told the account will be written off I would like my sky re-instated as soon as possible. Audrey Henderson ... 14 January 2004

I am disapointed with my purchase of my sky premiership season ticket. as i bought it at the end of may 2003, just after the £40 promotion had finished.
i paid £50. i have turned the channel 433 on, only to see that it has now been reduced back to £40 05/08/03. as a regular subscriber i feel very disapointed. Glenn Dougan ... 6 August 2003
I've been waiting on my new card for a month
now im not very happy,because a missing out on alot of valuble champions league long does it take its not very good.
Glenn Mcilhenny .. 24 September 2003
Please read
my post. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
Emma Sullivan... 8 October 2003
I have had sky now for about 3 months now, ever since I have had sky,
it keeps freezing and saying "for your information there is no satalite signal being recived. I have called up several times about this problem and nothing is working. I though this problem was normal but having spoke to a friend they have told me there sky is ok and this does not happen.I have someone coming out on Sunday to sort this problem out. The reason I am complaining is because I thnk I should have my money back on the months i have had this problem as i have missed nearly all of the programs I have wanted to watch on sky (the reason why i had sky), and at the moment I have got no signal at all. This has been going on now for about three months. I would like somethink done as soon as possible or I shall cancel sky completly and go on to cable.
Kelly Edmunds...24 October 2003
Your appointment to install a dish and two receivers was this morning.
Your installer called at 09.30, that he would reach my end by 11.00 but never appeared until 4.47 and came back at was abominable obnoxious
Dr S.A. WILLIAMS...28 October 2003
My sky service was disrupted 2 weeks ago.
I booked an enginer to come and resolve the problem, but noboby arrived on the day that they were to have arrived. Rang Sky 08705 959595, and no apoligy give, just that the engineer ran out of time. Rebooked for the Tuesday of the following week, took time off work again. Noboby arrived. Rang again and they stated that the call was for the Saturday of the forthcoming week. They staff refused to forward me a copy of their terms and conditions of contract, refused to give me the address of customer service HQ and in summary did not believe that I took another day of to get my problem resolved. I await a copy of the T&C that I have asked a friend to get me and will terminate the contract. Reading the previous emails on the site, it seems acomplete waste of time contacting Ian Shepherd.
Sean Mahon ... 18 November 2003
Today I rang your customers service department to complaint about not been able to view anything on your service, I was told that there was something wrong with the system but the viewing card had a problem, and a replacement would be sent out. Does that mean that the original card is cancelled automatically and I loose all the viewing till the new card arrives in a week’s time.It seems that your supervisor (7nr70) didn't want to listen and was very pleased that I had given you my 1 month notice.

I hope you will put my complaint forward to other user's as they will know when your supervisor tells them to contact the BBCc to complaint about sky as I was.I hope my call was recorded for your training as it will tell you how you will need to improve your customers service.
Rajesh Shah...2 December 2003

I contacted Sky to request information on introduce a friend,I was informed it was 10.00 installation with the recipiant getting Sky world for one month and the introducer one month free also.This was a complete lie as each dept. I spoke to said either yes Mr.Ellis that is correct or no sir it is 1.00 with no concessions or 60.00 with free sky world package for one month.Each dept I spoke to said the other was wrong,and now my christmas present is cancelled .
Paul Ellis ... 10 December 2003
I have sky for over 12 months and all i have had is problems . It started 3 weeks after it was installed the frezing pictures.So i phoned sky and waited 21 mins to pick the phone up and book me a service call.Then these young lads turned up at my place to tell my girlfriend that they would fix the fault .So my girl friend phoned me at work and past this lad on to the phone and he said it was my set top box so i told him the fault.When i came home from work my set top had changed and i had some crapey thomason box which has made thing even worse.I have had 8 service call and all they have done is changed the box 4 times and about 50 LMBS.

They still take my 40 pounds a month and still have no proper tv pictures it is now costing me more money on the phone to them brain dead people at head end.Its now one week before christmas and of course no pictures they said to me 17 january 2004 is your next service call.They still want there money every month but i have no servie so i might as well burn 40 a month.This will be the last time then i am going get some back i have phone bills with sky 'sky 'sky more waisted time and my money so what would you do .......
Carl Hart ... 29 December 2003

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