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Mr M Roberts
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* Installation of equipment 15-10-02

* TV Banking found to be not working. Spoke to Customer Services on 17-10-02 regarding this problem. I was told that the Customer Services operator could transfer the details from one Sky card to the other as we spoke. It would probably take a couple of hours to take effect.

* 18-10-02. Still no TV banking. rang Customer Services again. Was advised that previous information given by Customer Services was incorrect and that I would have to contact HSBC Bank to amend details of new Sky card.

* 20-10-02. Various channels are unavailable on new Digibox or picture freezes or becomes pixelated.The original digibox is unneffected. reported this to Customer Services who said that they would attempt to resend new firmware.

* Contacted HSBC Bank to arrange for Sky banking to be transferred to new Sky card on about 30-10-02.

* It did not work, also discovered Sky Box Office not available on new Digibox.Reported this to customer Services over the weekend 2/3-11-02.They said that an engineer would be sent on 07-11-02.

* 07-11-02. Engineer called, he diagnosed a faulty LNB. Overheard clearly complaining he would not be paid for this call as he had not repaired equipment. Said he would order LNB for following week. Sky link found to be not working that evening. RF connections connected back to front obviously from call as it was working prior to engineer coming.

* 12-11-02. Engineer called to say he was on his way. When asked if he had Lnb he said that one had not been ordered and said that there was no point in him coming. He ordered one for 14-11-02

* 14-11-02. Engineer arrives with new LNB, which failed within minutes. He suspected Digibox had blown LNB and replaced Digibox with older model. He arranged for new LNB on 19-11-02.

* 15-11-02. Sky link not working at all. Found RF1 & 2 output not working at all. Main TV Digibox only working through Scart.Sent email to Sky detailing current problem. This email was not acknowledged.

* 15-11-02. 1800hrs rang and made complaint to Customer Services unable to speak to anyone in authority. Requested replacement Digibox when engineer calls on 19-11-02.I am now extremely frustrated with the whole thing. Why can I not speak to any one other than a customer services operative? Customer services now appear incapable of sorting problem out for me.

* 19-11-02. Engineer rang to say he had not got a LNB and was not coming.

* 19-11-02. A number of calls to Customer Services we are now tired of constantly repeating problems back to Sky. Promised that someone would call us back. This did not happen so rang again. Total of 4 times today. An engineer is calling on 22-11-02.This means making more arrangements for someone to be in to receive engineer.
Engineer called on 22-11-02 without an Lnb. When he left system could only receive about 4 channels.Spoke to customer services that evening . Assured engineer booked for Monday with Lnb and that a superviser would ring back Monday also.

* 25-11-02. Engineer rang to say he would be here between 2 and 5.At 4.40pm rang to see where he was,was told he could not make it now call resheduled for Friday. Lost patience with operator and had to call back when calmed down. Finally put through to Ms J who is Technical Support Team Leader Call booked for Wednesday. We appear to have been at this stage a great number of times. Also superviser who was promised to have called back did not at any point during the day.Have spoken to Finance compay who say they are unable to intervene. Customer Services do not appear to prioritise any calls bearing in mind how long we have been waiting.Engineers do not seem to be interested if they can not do the job they will not get paid for it

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I had sky instaled on the 7th of december 2003. it cost me 1.00 the salesman on the phone told me it would cost me 25.50 per month as i had cable tv for 26.00 per month. i dont know what you teach your con men of salesman but you do not get what they say, you have taken 76.00 out of my bank with out my consent.I am not happy with the way I have been delt with I do not like your product and the standard of your service I have recieved.
Christopher Ullyart ... 7 January 2004
A direct debt was taken from my new bank account on the 17th of December for November,
i was charged from my bank. the payment in question was paid by debt card on the 5th of December, i phoned customer services they told me to send the letter from my bank to Sky and they would refund me with the charges as it was an error. All the rest of my direct debts have come of as they on the 24th. i received a letter saying that i am not getting my refund now.

I am totally disgusted at the way i have been treated and am not happy at all with the way this is been dealt with, i would be grateful if the matter was looked into properly and i would like my charges to be refunded as soon as possible. AS it was an error by Sky you should stand to yuor promises and refund me with my 30. I look forward to hearing the outcome of this very soon. Mr Steven Cartledge ... 14 January 2004
We have been a Sky customer for many years and had Sky Digital installed approx. 3-4 years ago.
It all worked perfectly well until December 2002 when my husband and myself were on holiday and my daughter was at home. When we got home my daughter informed us that she could no longer book out any films on the pay to view channels since the message on the screen said that no credit was available.

I telephone Sky and was told that they could not download the payment via the telephone. To cut a very long story short, we have had numerous Sky Engineers call, the Digibox taken into the work room and a replacement Digibox installed, we have had BT rewire the inside of our house and have even had Sky+ installed, but, no we cannot book out any films or play any games using the telephone connection.

We have done numerous System Tests and each time, correctly, on screen the message read 'telephone line busy'. But, as soon as we go to book out a film, we get the message 'no telehone line connected'. This is utter rubbish and I would love to hear from anyone with the same problem and whether it got resolved. Sky are not interested (only in the monthly subscription). BT blaim Sky and SKY blaim BT. Someone must be right. Please help.
Pam Hibbert ...22 January 2004

I have just received a bill from sky box office for five pay per view viewings, first four dated august 2000, one dated November 2003.ther must be a limit to how far you can go back what happened, they forget and stick it on three years later. Mark Brooman ... 25 November 2003
. Remote control Pay Per View can only be charged when the telephone line is connected to the Sky Box. You have obviously had your telephone line disconnected for the vast majority of the period between Aug 2000 and Nov 2003. And no, if you watched the films, you pay for them. No matter how long it takes. Just be thankful you are not being charged three years of interest.
Anon ... 21 January 2004

26/11/03. No Signal being received.
No adverse weather conditions.
Call No.1 @ 15.00hrs. "Your call will be answered in 1 hour 3 minutes"
Call No.2 @ 19.07hrs. "Your call will be answered in 31 minutes". I waited 15 minutes then put the phone down.Why should I suffer large phone bills. This has got to be the worst service in any service industry.In the meantime I am paying for a non existent service.Goodbye to Sky & hello cable.
Gillian Quirk .. 26 November 2003
I paid 200 on the 1st of december to have sky plus installed on the 8th of december.
I received confirmation by email and by post of this date. On the morning of installation an engineer called me to say he would be with me between 3pm and 6pm. At 7pm still no engineer had arrived so i telephoned sky and they told me i would have to arrange a new installation date the 10th of january. Basically what they are saying is i have to wait another four weeks through no fault of my own. Absolutely disgusting.
Miss Nicola Richman ... 9 December 2003
Arranged to have Sky + installed given date of 9th December 2003.
YET AGAIN Sky failed to keep appointment. Pathetic excuses. SHEER AROGANCE
Andrew Neil .... 9 December 2003
We are in a situation
where we cannot get terrestrial TV so are at the mercy of Sky ... Read on here N McClure .. 12 December 2003


Is SKY not accountable to any other organisation which monitors their standards of service? Doesn't the government have a broadcasting moderator?
Anon..17 December 2002
SKy is threatening to take me to court
for not signing the interactive discount agreement. On the other hand, they've been bullying me for cost of installation & equipment.

I ordered the package over the phone (more than a year ago) and was not told about the interactive discount services before the dish and box was installed. Can anyone help? Olu Elu ...8 January 2003
This is just Very poor service. I think SKY have the captial to make a policy to replace everything when a customer has a problem with the service. It can only be one of two things. Box or Dish. Change the m both sky, make a custoemr happy and then spend your time not customers working out what the problem is. Sky we are people who keep you alive. So look after us. Big giants can still die.
John Gaskell... 9 January 2003
To whom-so-ever it may concern,
I would like to make an official complaint about the service being provided by B SKY B .
Click here
to read M. Parkin.. 23 February 2003
Customer services are the derth of the early 21st Century.
Once companies begin to realise that custers are who keep them in business, they will have to resort back to speaking to them with people who know what they are talking about!!

I had a similar problem to your with BT - getting past customer services is impossible, plus customer services do not have a CLUE how to help you most of the time G Kendall... 20 March 2003
I have just rang sky because for some reason we are not receiving sky one.
We did all the usual checks before ringing them e.g making sure it was connected proparly. After listening to a recorded voice for 5 minutes we were told our call should be answered in approx 72 Minutes. After 10 minutes the recorded voice told us that our call would be answered in approx 72 minutes. But hang on I've already been waiting 10 minutes so shouldn't that be 62 Minutes. I nearly choked on my tea. This really is taking the mick. Don't the have an obligation to answer a call within a certain time limit? Or do they think we like running up our phone bills just for the hell of it.
Mrs Janet Sedgwick... 5 June 2003
My question, how does one get to speak to anyone regarding getting an engineer to call
and put right my television, video and DVD engineer came to update to Sky digital neither DVD OR VIDEO has worked correctly since
Irene Quigley .. 26 August 2003

Mr Roberts you can not put an f connectors on backwards and if the rf1 does not work a link so that would not work if the rf2 does not work contact pace grundig amstrad or which ever make you have that not skys fault they dont make them and i cant blame the engineer moaning most of them r self employed and if u work im sure would not go for nothing you must think people have money to chuck away. Michelle Churchill .. 5 October 2003

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