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Mr S Ransom
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Below is a copy of my complaint to Sky Television regarding their increased subscriptions (again). I have repeatedly sent this email to them, some 200 times now, but have had no reply!

Why is SKY so arrogant? The British public is far too soft, we should all boycot SKY and cancel our subscriptions. It's only us that keep them going, we should dictate to them - not them to us!

FAO Ian Shepherd (Customer Marketing Director)

I am writing in response to the letter that has been sent to me, and I
assume all other Sky subscribers, regarding another price increase.

It hasn't been that long since the last price increase and this forced me to
reduce my monthly subscription to the standard package at £16.00 per month.
Now you are informing me that this is to increase again by £2.50 per month
and for this more expensive package you tell me that you are 'working hard
to bring an ever improving service'.

Well I can tell you that for the last 4-5 months the level of service that
I have been receiving has not been worth £10.00 let alone £16.00. The
information bar at the bottom of the screen never tells you what program you
are watching it just states that 'further program information is not
available' and when there is heavy rain the picture is affected. I have
informed customer services on numerous occasions and no improvements have
been made. I can honestly say that the level of service has fallen

Also, I don't see why I should pay for services that I don't use and never
intend to use such as Sky Chat. These kind of services should be optional
and paid for accordingly. I wish to subscribe to the basic package and
that's what it should be, not fancy features just broadcast programs.

It seems to me that Sky are not concentrating on their core business, which
is broadcasting, and are spending more time on interactive services and
fancy features. The main reason that the British public subscribe to Sky is
for the programs that are broadcast and not all the other features. If the
standard of broadcasting services continue to fall and prices increase then
I am sure Sky will find their customers going elsewhere.

Now that you have heard it from the customer point of view I would like to
hear it from you (Sky) and how you can justify this price increase.

Looking forward to your prompt reply.

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  Editorial Comments

I believe the small print allows Sky to raise the price but surely as Mr Ransom states, consumer feeling and power should count for something. At the very least SKY ought to grant this paying customer the courtesy of a reply.

Comments please from all SKY subscribers out there.


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