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(Oxford Servicing Ltd)

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Mr D Chan
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The case regarding Sky Television sending me demand letters for monies they alleged I owe them for subscription services dating back to April 2000. Sky have appointed Oxford Servicing Ltd, who have sent me 2 letters and followed by a third from Blatchfords Solicitors. They are considering legal action against me for the debt of £25.13 which they think is still unpaid. I have written both to Oxford Servicing and Blatchfords requesting documentation but all my letters appeard to have been ignored.

Furthermore, these monthly payments were set up with my credit card company. I have checked with them and they have confirmed that I made no requests around April 2000 to withhold any monies from them.

I have no documentation on this and if I request my credit card company to forward me copies of past statements, they cost £5/month. I put this to Oxford Servicng but they refused to agree to foot the bill if I was proved right Can you help?

update 1 November
For your information, I received another letter, this time from Oxford
Servicing again acknowledging receipt of my letter to them. They advised me they will be in touch within 28 days.

It is very similar to the story submitted by Mr D. Cox of Blackpool dated 19/7/02.

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Is this a trend with Sky? see other comments on Mr Cox's Complaint. An email has been sent.

on 9 November 2002
, clik2complaints has sent another email to bskyb in the light of all the consumer comments submitted reflecting a similar trend with Sky's collection agents. We will keep you posted.

update on 18 November 2002
"I am pleased to inform you that I have received a letter from Oxford
Servicing advising me that they have been instructed by their clients to
stand down on my case. It sounds to me that their bullying tactics may work
with some. Before all these letters, I too received a green envelope with
a card inside saying "Give me a call, signed Pat". This is unusual and I
wonder if this is legal.

Thanks for you assistance in this matter"


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