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Peter Holland
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On Tuesday 25 September, I decided to book a weekend break in Ireland with my Girlfriend.

I contacted Irish Tourist Board in London,who told me,that your company operate a low flight service to Dublin.
I then spoke to Ryanair bookings and was given flights that were available in October 2001.

Having consulted my diary for dates I agree to book Flight Fr225 leaving on 12 October 2001 at 15.25 from Stansted to Dublin and returning back on 14 October Flight Fr292 at 21.35 From Dublin to Stansted and proceeded to give my credit card details.

During this time I explained that I worked in a shop and asked if she could hold on for few minutes while I attended to a customer in my shop, she said, yes, and I proceeded to do so.
When I came back to pick up the phone there was no answer and she had disconnected line .

I then tried to telephone back and all I got was the engaged tone ,during which time I tried again,again for about 1 hour,but still could not get through. Finally when I did get through, the phone was put down on me twice.

On the same day about 20.00 hours, I telephoned from home and finally got through to speak to another Ryanair booking clerk,who told me that as I have no booking reference the details are now no longer on the computer and that the flights mentioned were no longer available. I then asked to speak to a manager who was rude and was not interested in my story and he said, that I would lose my flight on that day if I did not re-book, therefore being forced to take an early flight !!

Can you, Please tell me why for only a few minutes after leaving the phone,that a member of your staff failed to continue to wait, by the way, at my cost I may add, and also did not phone me back with the booking reference .
I asked her to hang on for only a few minutes, and was astonished to find she was no longer there.

I question the service that you provide when dealing with the public,and the staff that are unprofessional in their behaviour and unethical manner .
I hope that it is standard policy with Ryanair that these circumstances are looked into, especially how I have been rudely treated in this matter.
I ask that you reimburse me for the calls made after the original telephone call to your office and head office in Dublin and Irish Tourist Board which cost me money and time wasted.

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RyanAir has been notified by email of this letter.

update 19 October 2001
We actually decided to send a Right of Reply by snail mail to Ryanair's Dublin HQ That has prompted the terse reply on 10 October 2001. See the Right of Reply column.
1 November 2001
Mr Holland's comments:
I read the reply from Ryanair, and I have to say what a let down as far as I am concerned at the very least they should reimburse me for calls that I made that evening and the inconvenience caused.


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As a Ryanair Virgin a week ago I am now another fully signed up, 'screwed customer'. My complaints? the list is long and nothing new! I suspect as long as its' cheap people will fly........
Denise mac... 27 June 2003
In january I booked a flight with Ryanair for July 2003.
The outbound flight was fine but the inbound was a different story. We arrived at Dublin airport to find out their was no flight at the time on my booking form it had left 5 hours earlier. Ryanair said they had E-mailed us in February with change of times. We had never received any such E-mail do Ryanair not have a returned mail subsidary service and if so do they ever check them. I will not be flying with this airline again.
Miss L Holdsworth
.. 29 July 2003

Is it possible for an international company like Ryanair NOT to have
an e-mail address?
I've looked everywhere and finally found this. Can the person who receives this e-mail please pass it on to the person who is responsible for dealing with unsatisfied customers.

I received an e-mail from Ryanair, telling me that the company is doing really well, making oodles of money and so they're now offering "2 million seats" for various destinations at ridiculously low prices from 1 Sept. to 30 November. I duly thought about a trip home to Ireland from Italy where I live - prices are advertised at £2 Stansted London - Bologna (Forlì) and the same for Stansted Dublin. But could I find any such price?? Absolutely not!

Nothing cheaper than £19.99...Can anyone tell me WHEN the £2 fare is valid? I get that impression that rather than getting cheaper, Ryanair is getting more expensive. That's certainly a way of losing customers. Another question - Why don't you have any direct flights from Italy to Ireland? Yours, Grainne Tierney ... 6 August 2003
I have looked everywhere for the Ryanair e-mail address to mail and complain that I simply want to look up a price for flights from Dublin to Germany and cannot find any information except cheap flights for the month of May. I just want to find out the cost of a return flight from Dublin to Germany, and they dont seem to have a simple way on the web to do this. Margaret Peters .... 9 August 2003
Flight Number N13EAV
I have a flight on Saturday 6th September, I have been advised to call Ryan Air to check that my flight time has not changed (the telephone number I have called is 08712460000. I was on hold waiting for an operator for 40 minutes and still did not get through in that time so I hung up, I think this is unacceptable as I still do not know if my flight is still on scheduled. Christina Normington ... 4 september 2003
I have tried to confirm a booking with Ryanair - have probably spent more money on the phone calls than on the price of the air ticket itself. Have been left on hold for an endless time and cannot understand why a company who rely on the good will of customers cannot operate an easy to use, quick to answer telephone enquiry line. Only flew with Ryanair because only they operated the route I wanted at the time I wanted. Next time I'll drive or get Eurostar. Mark Thompson .. 16 September 2003


I had a very bad experience with their rude and unhelpful staff
They have no idea whatsoever of customer service.
I'll never use them and I'd advise anyone else not to either. It may look like a bargain, but it's a false economy.
William... 1 February 2002
This just typifies the whinging old Nellie syndrome so prevelant in Britain today. Why didn't he wait until he was free to talk before calling reservations. I'm sure that Ryanair reservations have better things to do than hold on the line for someone who may not even bother coming back. Whinge, whinge, whinge .
I think Ryanair is great and wish them continuing success
Tenn Keeze... 12 February 2002
I have just spoken to a Ryan Air member of staff, and am absolutely astounded at the response I received from a supervisory member of staff, I was told I was stupid and foolish to confirm by booking on-line without checking that the info was correct, I made a spelling mistake? They now want to charge me £15 to correct.

The service Ryan Air provide is totally unacceptable, this does nothing to promote Irish companies. I will never do business with Ryan air: you have been warned. Mr Nash....5 July 2002

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