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Mr J Bentley
Town/City of Residence:
Great Harwood

After many years with the RAC for both breakdown and car insurance I have found myself being threatened by a debt collection agency for refusing to pay for non-existent car insurance.

After the colapse of my mariage in June I no longer required car insuence but didnt get around to cancelling the direct debit untill mid July thereby giving me cover untill mid august.

In September I contacted an insurence broker to start an new car insurence policy and advised them to contact the RAC for confirmation of my 6 years no claims bonus.

The RAC they contacted me claiming 147 for the month of August when I was off the road (this was almost as much as the other company charged me for a years on the road cover) when I said this was outrageous their response was to threaten me with bully boy debt collectors.

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