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RAC Motoring Services
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Mr M Brunel-Walker
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My Renault RX4 4 Wheel Drive SUV broke down with a serious fault - my car was towed home by the RAC and then later on that evening it was picked up again and towed to a Garage to be repaired.

The Recovery Company, OnTime, used a towing hitch to pull my car onto the back of the relay truck - This should NEVER be used for towing a car like mine with high clearance onto a relay truck - given the difference in height and the power of the winch the cable was pulled and damaged the bracket front bumper causing over £1200 of damages to the chassis of the car - The agent of the RAC who caused the damage has refused to accept any liability and have washed their hands of the problem.

Quotes have been obtained from Renault who laughed when told I them what had happened.

I have contacted the RAC and faxed them 3 times to the "Customer Care" centre - I am still waiting a formal response.

I have been a member of the RAC for 10 years - but I will be cancelling my membership after this year.

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I once worked for one of the ontime companies based in essex and this does not suprise me at all. the company is run by accountants and not experienced recovery/breakdown persons. their training programme is lets say very questionable. most if not all the companies now owned by ontime where once family run buisnesses and most had very good reputations, but since the ontime group have bought them out the good name of these has since dissapeared. they seem to have no customer care whatsoever. the company that owns ontime is a south african concern called 'bidvest'.
Mr Packer ... 22 January 2004

I have an RX4 and it states in the handbook that it should not be towed on breakdown. I have written to the RAC and asked that they either assure me it won't happen to my RX4 if I breakdown. Simon...11 October 2002
I work for the RAC and the above complaint regarding the contractor does not suprise me! Their choice of company name is of much amusement in the office. Unfortunatly they are one of the largest contractors in the london area so we have to use them, its often them or no one.
MR "SMITH"... 3 April 2003
BEWARE...I joined the RAC on 30/03/03 due to the cover not being the same as the AA,
(I required them to also cover a small trailer when being towed, which the AA DO ). I cancelled my cover with the RAC on the 04/04/04. Surprise, surprise they can take your money over the telephone for instant cover, but they hang on to it for almost a month before they refund it to you...isn't credit card technology is a wonderful thing !
Andy Wrigley..24 April 2003
I work for the AA as a patrol
and like the rac chap we use ontime and must say this is typical but your complaint does rest with the provider of service ie the RAC Mr Hull ... 27 August 2003
I work for ontime, we deal with a large number of calls every day as the other two breakdown guys would appreciate.
Nearly all of these recoverys have been dealt with quickly and efficiently with much professionalism with every aspect of safety for our customers aswell as ourselves. so just because one operator slips up doesn,t mean to say that we are all the same.
Roger Golden ... 19 November 2003

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