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RAC Motoring Services
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Ms N Adamson
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I instructed the RAC to carry out a vehicle inspection on a second hand car I was looking to purchase. The report was carried out on 5/3/02. I had test driven the car on the 2nd of March and felt there could be mechanical problems specifically with the clutch or accelerator.

The report although not entirely favourable did not highlight any mechanical problems and confirmed the clutch was "good - no slip". On driving the car away from the garage I noticed some major problems.

I returned the car to the garage who claimed that if there were such problems then the rac report would have identified them. Following a heated conversation with the garage they agreed to have a look at the car- it took three weeks to complete all the work that was required.

There had been a major fault with the accelerator, a new clutch was fitted, a new exhaust was fitted - there was a broken wire on the wiring loom of the fuel injection
system all of which had been overlooked by the RAC.

To add insult to injury, an HPI check was carried out at the time of the instruction and I was assured verbally that the results were clear and that written documentation was to follow. I have not received any documentation and have now asked for it on three separate occasions, but to no avail.

The RAC claim that all of the mechanical faults were not evident at the time of inspection and there is nothing further they can do. Yet three days before the inspection I noticed the problems and for the ten days I had the car before the garage agreed to do the repairs they were apparent.

I first rang and wrote to the rac on the 26/3/02 who said I should write in, as it would benefit them for training purposes!!

Their initial reply was dated 11/4 and was very dismissive . I wrote to them again on the 25/4 as they had left many issues I had raised unaddressed. Their final and certainly not full response was dated 12/6.

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update on 19 July 2002 and 9 September 2002
"I have had no contact from the RAC but the situtaion has now worsened. I have attempted to sell the car privately and happily found a buyer last week. However she decided she would have an AA check done. This highlighted two problems with the car that yet again the RAC failed to make me aware of......Read on


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I have sent several request to the RAC Travel unit and also tried on numerous occasions to log on there site all to no Avail.
I have been a RAC member for 25 years I think it is disracefull when they dont reply to E-Mails and other requested information.
Brian Day...30 July 2002
I joined the RAC in October and now have been offered a better deal with the RAC through my motor insurance. I am told by my insurers I cannot upgrade the cover I have with the RAC nor ask for a refund nor ask for the cover to run subsequently. This hardly seems fair! Pamela Cook... 23 October 2002
I recently broke down in my Mam's rover 45. As I am a member for 3&1/2 years I thought I would be ok to phone the rac. They advised me that my cover only had roadside assist, I would have to pay £90.00 for recovery to the location i required so I paid the £90.00 at 7:30pm. By 8:45pm the recovery truck had still not arrived so i called the rac back to find out when it would arrive and she said I am sorry to inform you that the recovery vehicle could not find you and he wants another £47.00 if you want him to come back out to you!

Only at this point did they tell me that it was not infact the rac that is supposed to be coming, they told me it is a private contractor! If I had another £47.00 I would not have paid it as far as I was concerned i could of used it to join the AA cos they provide much better service I am in the process of cancelling my rac membership over this matter because again they left another motorist stranded! I myself was stuck in the middle of no-where and had to beg a lift from a stranger eventually at 11.35pm! As far as i am concerned the rac should be closed down for being completely useless at what they claim they are good at!
Steve Evans...2 February 2003

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