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RAC Motoring Services Bristol
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Shaun Le Geyt
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In June this year I received a renewal notice for membership from the RAC as my current membership was expiring on the 31st of July. I did not require this to be renewed as I considered the cost to be too high and more relevant was that the vehicle this covered was being sold.

I contacted the RAC by telephone immediately and cancelled the membership. I was offered renewal for a reduced price of £86 compared to the original price of £109 which I declined.

In August I received my American Express statement which showed a charge of £109 for RAC membership services. I contacted the RAC immediately and requested that they refund my money. The reply was that I would have to prove that I had cancelled membership and I was asked to provide a telephone bill with a record of the call.

I tried to escalate my complaint several times and was told that I could not be put through to the manager because the procedure was that I would have to prove cancellation. The staff were abrupt and unhelpful. I decided to try and complain via the website and I received a call from the RAC agreeing to a refund of the membership fee plus costs for calls made, lost interest and inconvenience provided that I sent proof of my call. I agreed owing to the fact that I was to be compensated for my inconvenience.

I sent a letter with proof of calls made, both mobile and land-line, plus a claim for lost interest and time spent for £20 with the total claimed being and additional £30. Given the amount of calls made and time spent on this I did not consider this being an unreasonable amount.

A letter was received from the RAC dated the 9th of October agreeing to a refund of the £109 membership fee with a refusal to refund the money spen on telephone calls.

It was suggested that I contact American Express with regard to the charge being taken from my account as the account was ‘now’ closed. This contradicted the fact that the RAC admitted in the same letter that they had only just cancelled the membership.

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A Right of Reply letter has been issued to RAC.

update on 4 November 2001
"Many thanks for your assistance. I have now received a refund of my membership fee plus £20 compensation." Shaun Le Geyt


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The RAC took money from my account for a years membership in February without my authorization.
When I told them that they had no right to use my card number to withdraw money without my specific authorization, they claimed I had signed a form giving them authorization.

When I challenged them to show me a copy of this form, they changed their story and said it was verbal consent which I gave them (which I certainly did not). I was subsequently informed that they had refunded my money on April 17th (which they hadn't) and I am still waiting. It now looks as if I shall have to go to the small claims court.
Andrew Makins ... 7 August 2003
I had the need to ask your Customer Services a question to help me meet up with a disabled relative.
My question was........can you tell me what the next Motorway Service Area north from Corley on the M6.

After keeping me on the phone for many minutes, she came back and asked me "Where is Corley on the M6 " Needless to say I was flabbergasted that the RAC didnt know this ???? In the end I said I would telephone the AA, which I did and got the information without any trouble. Thank God I have never broken down.....otherwise I don't know if the RAC would ever find me. Yes, Im disappointed with you lack of Customer service. I look forward to your reply/ excuses.
Robert Frost ... 26 September 2003

[Published and forwarded to RAC on 16 Oct 2003]
update on 22 October 2003: click here for RAC's response
Last year I was invited to take out a two year breakdown membership, by Nissan I returned the completed form, including my credit card number for payment, through the Co-operative bank for 134. I was surprised to receive a letter from your finance department in Bristol in May this year, stating that they had not received payment. I contacted the person dealing with this matter who was a Mr IL and agreed a payment over the phone on 12/6/03 of 134 from a Lloyds Bank credit card.

In November I received a statement from Co-op Bank with a debit to RAC for 134!! This was the original card I had submitted last year on the application form, which the accounts dept. in Bristol said they knew nothing about. I telephoned Mr. I L at Bristol on two occasions and left messages as he was not available. I telephoned again on Monday 1/12/03 a.m. to try to resolve this matter and was told Mr. I L had moved to another department and was no longer responsible and that someone else would be dealing with this and contact me shortly. Four hours later and no phone call I phoned Bristol again and was told they had admitted it was their mistake and would send me a refund by cheque for 134.

To date I have received nothing. I am totally disgusted by the attitude of the pass-the-buck staff at Bristol and require from your organisation the following. 1.A full explaination of why and how this incorrect debit occured. 2. Total reimbursement of six phone calls to Bristol cost to be advised. 3. An apology from senior management and assurance that procedures are put in place to ensure this cannot happen again. 4. The immediate issue of a cheque for 134 to my home address.

Colin Wooder ... 8 December 2003

[Forwarded to RAC on 4 Jan 2004 and published here 6 Jan 2004]
click here for RAC's response
I'm amazed Mr Le Geyt was able to get an answer on the RAC's phone number.
My experience is of long queues, which is particularly galling on an 0870 number for which they probably get paid for keeping me waiting.
Eric Bodger .. 13 December 2003

Having experienced an almost identical situation today with the RAC
I am amazed they persist in such scurrilous behaviour. I did not want my cover renewed, they were told on the phone the cover was not to be renewed yet they withdrew £95 from my credit card and now insist they have no way to refund it.

When I asked to speak to a customer services manager they refused to put me through. When I asked for a name to whom I could write to complain I was refused. The assistant didnt give a damm about customer service let alone decent customer relations, it just didnt figure on his Q&A sheet.

I'm not asking for something for nothing, simply a refund of what they took without authority, and the common courtesy of a name to whom I could address my letter of complaint.

I'm pleased that Shaun Le Geyt got some satisfaction eventually and would be delighted if someone could supply me with a name to take this matter further. David Vassallo....1 July 2002

Editors's Note: We wrote to the following address for this story:
RAC Motoring Services
Customer Complaints
Great Park Road
Bradley Stoke
BS32 4QN

Otherwise submit your complaint to RAC via their website at this address:

I have been a member since 1972 and only used your service once. Don't you think It's time for a free upgrade or something?
Mr D.C.Moon...4 September 2002

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