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PC World

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Mr P Davis
Town/City of Residence:

Dear editor,
About three weeks ago I sent a letter of comlaint to PC World which I have not yet recieved a reply. I have attached the letter whch I sent them. But after reading some of your letters I can,t see me getting one.


Customer Services Department
PC World
DSG Retail Ltd
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead

Dear Sir/Madam

On 13 March 2003 I took my computer to your store in Carlisle for a free health check. Whilst there I asked if my pc could be up graded. They said it could, so I asked them to fit a new graphics and memory card. I was told that my computer would be faster and a lot better to work with. Little did i know what lay ahead.

When I started to work on my computer it crashed completely, I could not do a thing with it. I then rang Pc World to advise them. After going around the houses, so to speak, to get in touch with the Carlisle Branch, they told me that it could be the new graphics card so must take my pc back to them at Carlisle. This for me is a two-hour drive 148-mile round trip. The engineer worked on it and got it back to what i thought was full working order. He did tell me that something was missing in the program but that it seemed to be working now so should be ok.

Once I got home I reinstalled the driver for the graphics card as advised by Tony (the engineer who I had dealt with at Carlisle). I then tried to install the plug and play joysticks but the pc wouldn‘t recognise either of them. I got back on the phone again and tried to resolve the problems over the phone. “You must bring it back to us” the man on the other end of the phone advised.

At this point I, was getting annoyed at the thought of yet another 148 mile trip. I got to the store early so they would have time to look at it but when I went back five hours later I was told that there must be a problem with Microsoft Windows ME and that it can only be put right by putting in the recovery disc and starting again. Because it was getting late he advised that I should do it at home.

Once I got home I did as instructed but guess what, it still didn't work. I got back on the phone again and was told “It must be something you’re doing”. I advised the Carlisle Branch Manager that it wasn't working when i left the shop. He advised that we would have to bring the pc back to the shop and that he would get another engineer to look at it. So back to Carlisle I went, extremely frustrated as I‘m sure you can imagine.

I won’t go on any more and will just say that in the end a young man eventually found the problem and my pc now works.

I have paid out £160 for my pc to be up graded, i’ve had to make six 148 mile round trips to Carlisle and take one and a half days off work. I picked up my computer on the 14th of April 2003 and on that weekend alone I had to make three 148 mile round trips. The upgrade that was a £160 must have cost me at least another £300 with time off work and the cost of petrol, plus wear and tear on my car.

What really annoyed me was that on the Sunday I was told that there was no way that the pc could be fixed until possibly Monday or the next day, but when I arrived home two hours later I found there was a message on my answering machine informing me that I could pick up the pc first thing Monday morning. I felt as though I was having my hands slapped for being such a pest when I shouldn’t have felt like this at all as there was something wrong with the pc right from the time the pc had its health check. I realise now that I was being fobbed off. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the computer when I took it in.

There wasn't a sorry for the inconvenience caused or there’s a bag of toffees for your troubles, nothing. In my eyes your store was at fault and I should not have had all that bother trying to get the pc working properly myself. I am not an engineer and can only do as instructed.

I hope this letter will not fall on deaf ears, but the more I have thought of the trouble I went through, I just had to air my views. It has given me a different view now of PC World and I wish now that I had never had the upgrade. I could have bought a new stack with the money it has cost me, and also bought it closer to home. I 'am now waiting a reply from Trading Standards.

I feel I did not receive good Customer Care and can definitely say I am a very dissatisfied customer. Yours faithfully, Mr P S Davies

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  Editorial Comments

update on 26 May 2003
A Right of reply response from Dixons. (Please see above right)

It's looking like a standard phrase now: 'this matter will be investigated internally'. Not convincing at all.

They invite Mr Davies to "claim out of pocket expenses" but request that he provides "substantiation for this" ?


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Mr Davies comments on 30 May 2003
At least I have had a reply from PC World, which I would, not have got if it was, not for your help and I thankyou for that. As for claiming any compensation from them I think it would be a long drawn out affair. And at the end of it would come out of it with nothing. I think that I will put this down to experience, and give PC World a wide berth next time I need something new. I am glad that there are people like you that can get some response from these companies that think they are untouchable. Once again thank you for your help.

PS It would of been nice of PC World to have wrote to me personally. But I suppose that's just the way they are. Yours sincerely Paul
I can understand the frustration with the relatively poor technical service, but the fact that you live 74 miles from carlisle doesn't seem to me to be PC Worlds fault! David Crocket...4 June 2003
We have purchased a computer from PC world my receipt no.-041454.its DVD player is not working i took it to pc world but no one is answering my pc is under grauntee its just 5 months i need your help.Kulbir Khaira...13 November 2003

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